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Top 14 Gifts for Gamblers in 2024

Looking for a perfect gift for your gambling friends this year? Well, you are in luck because we just so happen to have a list of the top 20 gifts for gamblers. They are all clever picks that will strike home with any hobbyist gambler and even the more competitive lot among your friends.

In this list, you will discover some of the most whimsical gifts you can offer to your friends as a token of appreciation. From cleverly-worded socks to cigars and whiskey glasses, there are many ways to tell your friends you appreciate them. Let’s dive in.

1. Deluxe Set of Poker and Gambling Chips

Poker/Blackjack gift set
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Whatever the preferred gambling game of your friends, they will certainly appreciate a deluxe set of chips. These chips are universal and they can be used across a number of games, including poker, roulette, and blackjack.

They are the unique currency of the casino that makes for one of the perfect gifts for any gambler. Your friends will be able to host baccarat, blackjack, and even poker games at home! And the best part? Luxurious chips are actually very affordable in the range of $35 – $200, so it’s a cheap as well as unique option.

2. This Is How I “Roll” (Whimsical T-Shirts)

This is how I roll t-shirt
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Are you looking for the best casino gift for your dad? You may want to buy him a T-shirt that says “This is how I roll” whereby the word “roll” is replaced with dice. There are actually many great options for you when looking to buy a gambling fit in the form of a shirt.

Thanks to the many printing services that make custom T-shirts you have no shortage of excellent options, and clever slogans.

There are tons of clever imprints you can slap on there, including “Odds are I am at the bookies,” and “Slot machine king,” or why not even “The best gambler and even better father.” All of these would make a great Father Day’s gift for your gambling husband or father.

Gambling card cufflinks
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If you know someone who is a frequent player at the casinos, but also a dapper dresser, you may consider buying them a great set of cufflinks shaped like dice, cards, or even money bags.

Cufflinks are usually a more discrete and far more elegant and stylish gift for your gambling friend or boyfriend. It’s a great way to add style to one’s game and be the center of attention the next time they hit the tables.

Stylish-looking cufflinks can be found at around $25 making them a very affordable, but also a very clever gift to offer your gambling friends.

4. Shots Roulette

Shots roulette
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Have you heard of shots roulette? Well if you haven’t, you just wait until you see what this is – when you do, you will certainly want to buy yourself one. The shots roulette is a small tray designed to look like a roulette wheel where you can slot your shot drinks. It’s a clever way to bring up the mood at the party and definitely a worthwhile gift for any gambler.

5. Slot Machine Keychain

Slot machine keychains
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If your gambling friends are crazy about the slots, then you will definitely want to offer them something along those lines. There are excellent things you can buy them. A lucky charm if they believe in the gambler’s fallacy or perhaps a lighter shaped as a slot machine would all make good fits as a gift!

You can even buy small slot machine toy replicas or perhaps a scarf that is imprinted with various slot symbols. For your female gambling friends, a “Queen of the slots” cap, mug, or even a key chain would do nicely.

6. Gucci’s Geometric G Print Set

Gucci geometric g print gambling set
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If you really want to stand out and have the means to plunge $7,400 for your gambling friends, then we assure you that there is hardly a better gift than Gucci’s Geometric G print set that comes from the maker of luxury goods.

The word “Gucci” doesn’t even begin to describe this beautifully designed item of luxury and value. The set is made with animal-free ecologically-friendly materials which gives it an additional value especially if you value this yourself.

7. Prepaid Gift Cards

BetMGM gambling gift card
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Well, it’s not exactly surprising that prepaid gift cards will make a great gift right? After all, any gambler can use the extra line of credit to do what they love best. You can check out what gift cards are accepted at the venue that your friend frequents the most often and extend them any gift card, with the pricing once again being very affordable, anything from $20, $50, $100, and even more.

You can find these cards at a retailer near you. In fact, you can even purchase a BetMGM card at 7-Eleven, Kum & Go, Sheetz, Spedway, and other points of sale and your friend can use it somewhere completely different, as long as it’s the property for which the card is intended.

8. Gambling Watch

Invicta watch gambling gift
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Time is of the essence and it’s important to never lose track of it! You can buy your gambling fits a watch that is either elegant or just screams at other gamblers on the table that the person wearing it is serious about this hobby.

On the other hand, you can buy a watch that is intended to resemble casino and gambling in some way and is more of a cool item to have than something you wear every day. The choice is down to you and there are dozens of cool watches you may consider buying your gambling friend! 

9. Socks! – Funny Gifts for Gamblers

Socks with gambling print
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So, you want to tell your friend that you appreciate their hobby and them. Well, what better way to do so than coming up with some unique and clever way to do just that? So, if you are looking for a clever gift, you may consider buying… socks! Yes, socks can actually be fun.

There are many options on the market that will bring a smile to your friend’s face. Socks are usually clever, though, as they are a fun item that you probably won’t brag about, but still put on occasion. Do you want to get even more daring? Underwear covered with gambling imprints is also a great way to go about being goofy with the pick of a present for your friend.

10. Books about Gambling

Books by Maria Konnikova
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Listen, there are all kinds of gamblers and some enjoy reading. We strongly recommend buying them the books by Maria Konnikova, especially if your friend is a woman. Konnikova wrote two brilliant books, specifically The Biggest Bluff and The Confidence Game.

Konnikova is a researcher who decided to play poker for her PhD. She became so good at it that she won $300,000 in live earnings (and counting). Her books explore how men are intimidated and presumptuous of women playing poker, and how she used this to beat them in poker.

11. Stylish Mugs for Gamblers

Pokerist brand tumbler
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If you know that your friend loves to take a sip out of their tumbler or mug, then this would make a great gift for gamblers. There are many excellent and affordable options out there with designs that are created for gamblers.

This kind of gift doesn’t need to have a cheeky slogan or anything of the sort. Instead, you can buy a stylish item that really looks snappy and will make your friend feel more confident about their game. Taking a sip of one’s victory mug makes a great present for any gambler!

12. Box of Cigars

Cigar set
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While many casinos around the United States are opting out of smoking, you can still make sure that your friends look sharp at the tables. A great box of cigars bestows gravitas on the player and could also irritate some people at the table (especially if you are playing poker). This gambling fit will only apply to friends who smoke or would appreciate a good cigar. If your friend is already a cigar smoker, you can buy them a premium travel case for their cigars.

13. Drinking Flask

Drinking flask
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So, taking a snip of whiskey from time to time from a cool-looking glass is definitely great. But you can hardly take a gifted whisky glass everywhere with you. This is where a hip flask comes like one of those implied gambling paraphernalia that is more connected with the risk-taking lifestyle rather than any form of gambling. Does the casino want to serve your friend complimentary drinks? No, thank you- they brought their own thanks to the hip flask you are about to gift them!

14. Personalized Casino Gifts

Custom casino gifts
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We touched on this in our T-Shirts section but once again, there are many ways to find personalized gifts for gamblers at services such as Etsy and Amazon. The most popular are casino chips with manufacturers letting you choose your own text for the center of the chip.

You can get your imprint mugs or even dog collars that are styled like some gambling paraphernalia. It all comes together nicely when you know where to look and what personalized gifts to pick, but once again – the sky is very much the limit here!

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