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Entain to Deploy Syntropy’s Relay Network to Boost Performance

Transformative Web3 connectivity company Syntropy announced today a deal with global gambling group Entain that will see the group leverage Syntropy’s technology to improve performance.

Reduce Latency and Packet Loss, Improve Performance

Syntropy’s global relay network and decentralized autonomous protocol (DARP) will connect Entain’s data centers worldwide to reduce latency and packet loss and improve the overall performance and reliability of the gambling group’s network for its core offering, as well as power the group’s future expansion into the metaverse.

“Syntropy’s segment-routing approach goes beyond the scope of traditional SD-WAN solutions and perfectly fits to our strategy to connect all Entain’s worldwide distributed sites only over the internet.”

Markus Röglsperger, Head of Network, Datacenter, and Infrastructure Automation, Entain

Röglsperger then continued by comparing services provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in which “Entain must give up control once a packet leaves the private network” with Syntropy’s Relay Network, which “continues to optimize Entain’s traffic while in transit all the way to the destination,” significantly reducing both packet loss and round-trip times and saving time from troubleshooting between various ISPs.

Entain witnessed the benefits of Syntropy’s Relay Network via a technical proof of concept (PoC), which revealed Syntropy’s DARP technology detected without human intervention the performance problems with the default internet path, a substantial latency increase with spikes over 1500ms for 35 min that rendered the connection unusable, and switched to an alternative, best-performing path.

Blockchain-Based Solution to Internet’s Fundamental Issues

Fully programmable and running on top of the public internet, Syntropy’s Relay Network creates a network of networks comprising the best-connected ISPs, clouds, data centers, and devices, to ensure optimal performance and security for its clients, while Syntropy’s blockchain-based tech provides a viable solution to the fundamental issues with the internet.

Domas Povilauskas, chief executive officer at Syntropy, outlined the short-comings of current internet infrastructure and routing protocol that were not “designed for performance optimization” and cannot serve Web3 and metaverse projects, unable to create “digitally immersive experiences,” stressing the role Syntropy’s “open decentralized technology plays to overcome this “technological roadblock.”

“Entain’s forward-looking networking team recognized the need for a Web3-ready connectivity system as they move into entertainment in the metaverse and NFTs.”

Domas PovilauskasCEO, Syntropy

Shawn Haki, former senior vice president of Business Product at Verizon and current advisor to Syntropy expressed his excitement to “see the critical data routing protocol that will enable Web3 being used to drive better customer experiences in a live enterprise scenario,” envisioning the implementation of Syntropy’s blockchain technology at Entain as a proof of the “evolution of enterprise networking to deliver a dynamic, decentralized network topology.”

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