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RAW Arena Welcomes Rogue to Library of Suppliers

RAW Arena, the aggregation solution developed by RAW Group, has announced that it’s adding a new premium studio to its library, Rogue

Rogue is an up-and-coming studio that has been focused on building compelling titles across the board and developing exclusive and deep games.

Rogue Becomes Latest Supplier for RAW Arena

Part of Rogue’s portfolio today includes prominent titles such as Mega Laser Kitty Cubes, Hong KONG, a game powered by blockchain technology, Wildfire West, and more. These games will make a fine addition to Raw Arena’s growing list of games.

Rogue will further benefit from the fact that RAW has access to 14 regulated markets, which will give an immediate boost to its products and allow it to expand rapidly. RAW CEO Tom Wood welcomed this opportunity and hailed the quality that has gone into the development of Rogue titles:

We welcome John and his amazing team to the RAW’s premium partnership program which gives them access to our deep platform features, RAW contracted brands, cost-saving services, and superior data mining and analysis through Arena Sense.

RAW CEO Tom Wood

RAW Arena, Wood explained, was designed to only feature innovative content that allows partners to deliver some of the most compelling products to their players. Rogue founder John Parsonage was equally excited to have this opportunity and become a part of the RAW Arena’s partner list.

“Joining the Arena will give us the tools we need to distribute our amazing games across the world at speed,” Wood said. The company will further benefit from Arena Sense, the dedicated tool that RAW Arena provides to suppliers and developers to better understand how players respond to certain game features and what can be done to improve the development process.

RAW to Help Rogue Read Player Needs Better

This will further enhance Rogue’s ability to deliver the desired content and create worthwhile solutions that appeal to players and are particularly tailored to meet their specific expectations.

RAW Arena has signed a number of prominent partners over the last months. In December, the company struck a trifecta partnership to provide FullForce, NetBet, and Infiniza with content. In November, the company added LeGa as its latest supplier, part of the Arena aggregation solution.


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