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DraftKings and Dish TV Agree for DraftKings App Integration

Daily fantasy and sports betting operator DraftKings and satellite television and wireless provider Dish Network Corporation signed a strategic agreement for the integration of DraftKings’ daily fantasy sports and sports betting app into the services of the TV provider.

Dish Hopper TV

The strategic agreement starts with the integration of the sports betting app into the Dish TV Hopper platform and will allow later on the subsequent integration into the Dish Sling TV and Boost Mobile.

“The integration with DraftKings is an exciting enhancement for our customers and a great addition to the growing DISH TV Hopper platform — a one-stop entertainment hub.”

Brian Neylon, Group President, Dish TV

The integration of DraftKings app into the television will allow customers of Hopper TV to get access to the sports betting app of the Boston-based sports betting company, to check betting odds, and view daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests.

“We’re thrilled to work with DraftKings to amplify the sports-fan experience, and extend the DraftKings footprint across our unique suite of services, including SLING TV and Boost Mobile, with potential applications across our 5G wireless buildout in the future.”

Brian Neylon, Group President, Dish TV

Furthermore, Hopper TV clients will be able to place bets or enter DFS competitions directly from their TV, watch or record for watching later live sports corresponding to the bets they placed or contests entered.

“Our deal with DISH TV and the technology behind it immerses customers within a next-generation viewership experience and reaches these fanbases in a completely new way. This is a unique opportunity for fans to watch games and engage with our real-money products while the technology also allows for further innovation ahead.”

Paul Liberman, President, Product and Technology, Co-Founder, DraftKings

Betting Initiated from the TV

Wagers or contest entries, upon initiation via the TV, will have to be completed on the DraftKings app, and customers will be prompted to do so via text messages on their mobile phones.

Initially available for betting will be basketball games from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), as well as action from matches from the National Hockey League (NHL), with more sports expected to be added to the fold in the future.

The deal will further expand DraftKings’ sports betting national reach and boost player acquisition for the operator that recently reported a 54.8% increase in the average revenue per monthly unique player (MUP), which number rose by 43% to reach 1.5 million.

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