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Better Collective Joined All-in Diversity Project as Founding Member

Better Collective will provide the fuel for the All-in agenda to rocket the media industry forward

Sports betting media group Better Collective joined All-in Diversity Project, a nonprofit seeking to help businesses and industries improve diversity, equality and inclusion, as a founding member to help it expand its agenda.

Furthering the Diversity, Equality, Inclusion Agenda

Better Collective became the first non-sportsbook founding member of All-in Diversity Project, acknowledging the importance of creating a diverse, fair and inclusive workplace.

With over 900 employees working across 18 international offices, Better Collective is the ideal partner to help the initiative aimed at benchmarking diversity, equality and inclusion for the global iGaming industry to further its agenda.

“For an industry that has customers in every part of the world, the need to embrace diversity in all its forms is key to future growth and sustainability,” commented Kelly Kehn, co-founder of All-in Diversity Project, stressing that “diversity, equity and inclusion is more relevant now than ever before.”

Kehn stressed the power of media to change perceptions, convinced that, with a Tier 1 brand like Better Collective which has diversity, equality and inclusion “at the heart of their business” and is capable of impacting both customers and All-in Diversity Project’s reputation, the initiative “will have the fuel and reach to rocket this industry forward.”

Seeking to continually widen its scope about diversity, equality and inclusion and build an industry that is accessible to all, Better Collective is one of the role models within digital sports media and joining All-in Diversity Project as a founding member can significantly contribute to furthering the project’s agenda.

Part of Better Collective’s Strategy

“As a listed company we feel we have an even greater responsibility not only towards our employees, partners and sport fans but also towards our shareholders,” said Jesper Søgaard, co-founder and chief executive officer of Better Collective, outlining the media’s goal to make them “feel assured” that the diversity, equality and inclusion agenda is part of Better Collective’s long-term strategy in building a sustainable business.

Believing in a top-bottom approach, Better Collective is currently working to achieve a gender balance across its top management by 2030. The media’s board has already reflected on this policy and is made up of a diverse group of experts while around 40 employees across Better Collective are working on activities related to this agenda.

As a founding member, Better Collective joined the likes of Entain, Caesars Entertainment, Betsson Group, Flutter Entertainment and Kindred Group, to provide guidance and support and share industry best practices and resources.

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