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ACMA Asks ISPs to Block 12 Illegal Websites

The watchdog remains bullish on protecting the local market from unlicensed gaming and is constantly looking for incompliant websites

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), an Australian regulatory body responsible for the regulation of broadcasting, telecommunications and radiocommunications, announced that it has requested the blocking of another 12 illegal gambling websites.

According to the authority, the sites in question were operating in breach of Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act 2001. As a result, the ACMA leveraged its powers to ask internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to the services in question.

This move is notably the latest in a series of blocking orders that the ACMA has been issuing against unlicensed casino companies. The ACMA published the list of the sites blocked after its latest order. They include the following iGaming brands:

  • Tsars
  • Zen Casino
  • Zen Betting
  • Cleopatra Casino
  • Goodman Casino
  • Zoome Casino
  • Yabby Casino
  • Neon54
  • Rabona
  • 5Gringos
  • AlfCasino
  • 1RED

The Australian Watchdog Has So Far Blocked Almost 800 Sites

The ACMA noted that it has been issuing blocking requests since November 2019. The watchdog remains bullish on protecting the local market from unlicensed gaming and is constantly looking for incompliant websites.

According to the ACMA, website blocking is one of the most effective ways to shield Australians from illegal gambling. As of the time of this writing, the authority has asked ISPs to block a total of 785 illegal online casinos and affiliate websites. The efficiency of ACMA’s actions has also caused over 200 illegal services to willingly pull out of the Australian market.

The authority’s actions are supported by customer complaints. The ACMA urges consumers to inform it whenever they identify an illegal gambling website. To make sure whether a site is legal or not, customers can consult the materials available on the regulator’s official website.

The ACMA reminded customers that even the most reliably-looking unlicensed websites are unlikely to offer sufficient customer protection. Because of that, players that opt to play with illegal companies are exposed to higher risks of developing addictive tendencies.

The ACMA Vigilantly Protects the Australian Market

Last month, the ACMA reprimanded a concerning gambling website that uses CS:GO skins as a currency. Because of its ties to a famous video game, the site was deemed to be very dangerous to young people, forcing the ACMA to intervene.

In March, the regulator unleashed another ban wave, asking Australian ISPs to block access to a number of offshore websites and affiliates. This followed earlier actions against unlicensed websites.

Unfortunately, the ACMA’s efforts are not always sufficient. Because of that, the watchdog recently asked the Curaçao government for help against Curaçao-based illegal websites.


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