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KSA Asks Operators to Advertise Responsibly during World Cup

Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the gambling regulator in the Netherlands, asked gambling providers to advertise responsibly before and during the World Cup which will kick off next month.

Ahead of the World Cup, KSA Urges for Responsible Gambling Advertising

On Monday, the regulator issued a statement asking gambling operators in the country to “be moderate with advertising,” during and before the famous soccer event in Qatar. The recent announcement comes after earlier this year, the KSA introduced a ban on the use of role models for gambling advertising.

The ban sought to decrease the options of gambling ads appealing to children and young adults by prohibiting public figures such as social media influencers, former or active professional athletes, models and other famous people from participating in gambling ads.

A total ban on untargeted advertising for high-risk games of chance is in the works. That is the political response to the many advertisements since the opening of the legal online gambling market on October 1, 2021. The ban does not yet apply during the World Cup,

explained the KSA

In addition, earlier this year, Dutch lawmakers unveiled a proposal that calls to end gambling advertising via TV, radio or even via retail both outdoor and indoor spaces. This proposal seeks to reduce the number of gambling ads that bombarded the population. While this “untargeted” advertising ban is planned to come into effect as of January 1 next year, lawmakers proposed further restrictions such as reducing gambling sponsorships for events as of January 1, 2024. On the other hand, a ban on sponsorships from gambling operators for sports teams may also be enforced a year later, on January 1, 2025.

Role Model Ban for Gambling Ads Remains in Place

Although the World Cup will be played before the proposal comes into effect, the KSA still asked operators to advertise moderately. At the same time, the gambling watchdog reiterated that the ban on using influencers and role models remains in place and applies to the World Cup too. The regulator also reminded the operators that gambling ads must not target vulnerable groups such as young adults or minors.

It’s no surprise that the KSA is constantly on the lookout for breaches of gambling violations. Earlier this month, the regulator warned two operators over gambling ad breaches. In that line of thought, the KSA said that it will continue its active monitoring and ensure to sanction providers that may be offering their services illegally. Last but not least, the regulator reminded sports bettors that not all forms of betting are allowed and pointed out an example that “there is no bet on who will receive a yellow card or the first corner.”


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