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G4 Re-Certifies Two of IGT’s Divisions

To maintain its certifications, IGT had to independently assess its industry standards

International Game Technology, a global leader in the provision of gaming tech and solutions, announced that it has once again achieved responsible gaming certification for two of its divisions. According to the company, its Global Gaming and PlayDigital operations continue to boast accreditation from the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4).

G4 is a group that seeks to minimize the impact of problem gambling by promoting a worldwide accreditation and certification program. Companies need to demonstrate exceptional commitment to responsible gambling and high industry standards.

To maintain its certifications, IGT had to independently assess its industry standards and confirm that its divisions were still compliant with the player protection standards set out by G4. IGT noted that G4’s audit assessed a variety of topics, including responsible gambling code of conduct, corporate standards, operational code of practice, training, player protection tools, staff and responsible gambling, staff and problem gambling and player protection framework.

For reference, IGT’s gaming operations were first certified in 2017. In 2019, the company’s digital solutions followed. In 2022, on the other hand, the company also secured G4’s accreditation for its sports betting business.

IGT Will Continue to Promote Sustainability

G4’s chairman, Pieter Remmers, commented on IGT, praising the global gaming leader’s commitment to responsible gambling and industry leadership. He said that G4 is happy to recognize its effort by providing its Global Gaming and PlayDigital operations with accreditation once again.

We applaud IGT’s critical responsible gaming efforts and appreciate all that the Company does to maintain the integrity of gaming globally.

Pieter Remmers, chair, G4

In the meantime, IGT’s senior vice president of marketing, communications and sustainability, Wendy Montgomery, said that responsible gaming is an integral part of IGT’s business. According to her, this accreditation demonstrates the company’s ongoing efforts to keep gambling healthy and sustainable.

Montgomery pointed out that IGT was the first supplier to earn G4 accreditation for gaming and digital responsible gaming excellence, as well as the first supplier in the US to secure a sports betting accreditation. She expressed her team’s commitment to continue working just as hard.

IGT will continue upholding itself and our partners to the highest responsible gaming standards as we promote positive play for all.

Wendy Montgomery, SVP of marketing, communications and sustainability, IGT

In other news, the USPTO just said that Acres did not violate IGT’s patents, in spite of the latter company’s claims.


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