September 29, 2022 3 min read

Danish Gambling Watchdog Scraps One of Tipwin’s Two Injunctions

Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority, announced it canceled an injunction issued against the German operator Tipwin.

Danish Gambling Regulator Reassesses and Scraps Injunction

The gambling regulator revealed Wednesday that it decided to cancel one of the two injunctions issued against Tipwin. The injunction against Tipwin was issued on June 21, 2022, after the regulator uncovered violations of the Money Laundering Act. Consequently, the Authority said the business violated rules on business practices from Section 8, subsection 1 of the Money Laundering Act.6. However, now, the Gambling Authority explained it has reassessed the extent of the aforementioned Section. Although Spillemyndigheden’s statement was released on September 28, the regulator pointed out that the canceled injunction is in effect as of September 9, 2022.

The cancellation is due to the fact that, after careful consideration, the Gambling Authority has reassessed the extent of the teaching obligation in Section 8, subsection 1 of the Money Laundering Act. 6,” 

reads a statement released by Spillemyndigheden.

It explained that considering that Tipwin’s employees were outsourced, the operator cannot be blamed for breaching Section 8. According to the Authority, the breach of the rules should fall under Section 24, Subsection 2 of the Money Laundering Act.2. While the gambling watchdog canceled the injunction issued under Section 8 and noted that those breaches fall under a different section, a new injunction wasn’t issued. Instead, the regulator said that Tipwin will no longer have to comply with the injunction under Section 8 which had a deadline of September 20, 2022. 

The Gambling Authority has assessed that the supervision of the educational obligation towards dealers and dealers’ employees, who are covered by an outsourcing agreement, should probably have been carried out in accordance with section 24, subsection 2 of the Money Laundering Act. 2,

added the gambling regulator

Second Injunction against Tipwin Remains in Place

The gambling regulator canceled one injunction against Tipwin, however, it noted that the second one remains in force. The other injunction issued against Tipwin is related to breaches of Section 7, Subsection 1 of the Money Laundering Act. Those rules are related to risk assessment, business procedures, policies and controls. As a result of the identified violations, the Authority filed a police report against Tipwin.

It was a busy summer for the Danish gambling regulator. Back in July, the Authority revealed a new strategy against money laundering and terrorist financing created in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice. The strategy will run through 2025 and will include multiple initiatives.


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