May 28, 2021 3 min read

Chris Moneymaker Steps up for ACR After Technical Issue

Due to technical issue, certain ACR tournaments were canceled earlier this week. As an Ambassador for ACR, Chris Moneymaker approached the poker community. While he asked for patience and understanding, Moneymaker assured that ACR remains committed to transparency and communication with poker players.

ACR Tournaments Cancelled Due to Technical Issue

Late last year, after 17 years of collaboration with PokerStars, the famous poker player, Chris Moneymaker terminated his relationship with the PokerStars. Shortly after, in February this year, he became an Ambassador for Americas Cardroom (ACR). Besides representing the brand, as a US resident, Moneymaker is able to play on ACR, which is one of the reasons why he chose this role.

With that in mind, the role of a poker Ambassador may bring a lot of attention from the poker community, especially in a bad situation. This is precisely what has happened recently. Earlier this week, due to a software issue, certain ACR tournaments were canceled. This was the exact moment when the poker community turned to ACR’s Ambassador. While some shared kind words, others were not so subtle. Regardless, Moneymaker delivered and stepped up for ACR.

A Situation Handled with Professionalism by ACR’s Ambassador

In a statement on Twitter, the Ambassador revealed that ACR wanted to make “as many happy as possible“, considering the frustrating situation. As a result, he announced that all day 2 events will be canceled and “players paid out via chip chop”. Furthermore, Moneymaker revealed that all remaining players will be granted a “free buy into an event equal to the canceled ones”.

After that, on Wednesday, ACR’s Ambassador posted series of Tweets related to the topic. He acknowledged that one of the reasons to sign up as an Ambassador was precisely such cases like the recent one. Furthermore, he thanked people who have approached him with kind words during this difficult period. Moneymaker asked the poker community for patience while ACR continues to “grow and evolve”. Additionally, he assured that ACR is committed to transparency and communication with the players.

Acknowledging that the last few days were “interesting“, Moneymaker said that such an issue may happen again in the future. Furthermore, he stressed that this is the second time such a technical issue has risen since he was Ambassador. Moneymaker added that he is aware that ACR hates technical issues as much as the players do. Last but not least, he stressed that “the guys behind the scenes” are doing a great job and ultimately plan to limit such disruptions, which were way more common in the past.


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