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Skill Games Developer Urges PA Lawmakers for Sensible Regulations

A spokesperson for Pace-O-Matic, a developer of skill games, recently spoke about the importance of regulating skill games

Skill games have been gaining popularity for several years across Pennsylvania. This resulted in a debate about the regulation and taxation of those games. A major win for skill games was a court decision dating back to early last month. At the time, the Commonwealth Court recognized a decision of a lower court that acknowledged wins from skill games as legal. This otherwise paved the way for the regulation of those games.

Restaurants, bars and other businesses that offer skill games have benefitted from the additional revenue those machines brought. At the same time, casino operators have voiced their concerns against skill games, claiming that those machines impact their revenues. Despite such claims, brick-and-mortar casinos have enjoyed an increase in their revenues, boosted positively by sports wagering and online gambling.

Mike Barley, the chief of public relations for Pace-O-Matic, a manufacturer of skill games, recently spoke about the record revenues casino operators across Pennsylvania enjoy. While he praised the strong performance of casinos, including Parx Casino, he criticized the operators for their efforts against skill games. Barley explained: “They continue to attack small restaurant and bar owners and fraternal groups for wanting the opportunity to have a few skill games that provide much-needed supplemental revenue.” He added that the time has come for casino operators to change their view on skill games, allowing small businesses to benefit from operating such games.

Maybe, this time, the big guys can allow the little guys a small victory. Especially one that is allowing them to hang on during difficult economic times.

Mike Barley, chief of public relations at Pace-O-Matic

Regulation of Skill Games Is Needed

The court’s decision from last month undoubtedly marked a major victory for skill games in Pennsylvania. Supporters of such games hope to see lawmakers implement an effective regulation this year. One such effort is a bill proposed by Sen. Gene Yaw that calls for the taxation and regulation of skill games. Early estimates predict that taxing skill games can generate some $300 million for the state for the first year.

Yet, casino operators continue to oppose such regulations. According to Barley: “Time and time again, the casino industry has repeated the lie that the businesses and clubs involved with skill gaming don’t want to be taxed and regulated.” He claimed that the influence of big casino operators stands in the way of the regulation of skill games. Finally, Barley said that Pace-O-Matic supports the regulation of skill games and encouraged lawmakers to take action.


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