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HUDstats Enters Multi-year Data Partnership with Sports Information Services

HUDstats will be providing Sports Information Services with its analytics technology, providing different statistics for SIS customers.

Partnership Allows Creating New Esports Betting Products

HUDstats will be providing its Advanced Video Analysis (AVA) exclusive technology toSports Information Services (SIS), allowing the collection, standardization, and distribution of esports data on SIS’ virtual football and virtual basketball streams. This will enable detailed analysis of over 40 in-game basketball events, as well as north of 20 football ones.

Accessible data points will include information on different events, such as free throws, 2- and 3-pointers, ball possession, fouls, and more for ex-basketball matches. As for e-football, all information about ball location, free kicks, goal kicks, throw-ins, substitutions, added time, offsides, goals, and corners will be available for analysis.

SIS product director – Conleth Byrne – commented that “HUDstats provides a ground-breaking and easy-to-integrate solution,” making scaling its 24/7 competitive gaming content easy, thanks to automated in-play event tracking. SIS provides sports betting platforms with NBA 2K and FIFA streams across the planet, so the fruits of this multi-year partnership will be very widely available, once everything’s operational.

According to Andrei Bălănescu – CEO of HUDstats – SIS can use the provided data points “in real-time, at a sub-second speed,” allowing the creation of “engaging on-screen graphics and betting commentary that increases performance for their customers.”

HUDstats On A Roll

Obviously, such a wide variety of detailed data points would be impossible in all realistic – and impractical in all other – scenarios, making this an incredible opportunity to provide much more value to SIS customers, and it is not the first company to recognize the benefits of this proprietary technology.

Around this time last year, HUDstats entered a partnership with Sportsflare, developing a positional betting widget for Sportsflare’s Tiidal Gaming, which operates multiple “synergistic businesses” in the “gaming ecosystem.”

The widget was designed to allow betting on small events throughout an esports match in three games – DoTA 2, League of Legends (LOL), and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). This has been an invaluable and instrumental development in the iGaming ecosystem, as these are three of the top 10 most sought-after esports titles. Earlier in 2021, Sportsflare CCO Virgil Townsend shared that the company is “bullish on esports betting growth” in an interview with GamblingNews, further solidifying the connection between HUDstats and its role in expanding the gaming ecosystem.

Just last month, HUDstats entered another headline-worthy partnership – this time, with DreamHack Sports Games. Yes, that DreamHack. Although it had nothing to do with gambling, this just goes to show how widely adoptable HUDstats’ tech is, and how gaming industries are looking for ways to add value in its products through more and more game stats, further driving the need for more data and analysis tools.


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