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Allwyn to Support the 0xCollection and Dvořák Dreams

Allwyn is excited to work with another like-minded organization to make a positive impact on society

Lottery juggernaut Allwyn unveiled a new partnership agreement with 0xCollection (Hex Collection), a Basel-based digital, new media and time-based art collection. Under the agreement, the two parties will team up at the upcoming Dvořák Prague International Music Festival to present Dvořák Dreams.

Dvořák Dreams is a new data painting commission by Refik Anadol, a famous Turkish-American digital artist. It honors the memory of the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák and will be presented at the aforementioned festival from September 8 to 13. The Dvořák Prague International Music Festival is an annual event that celebrates Dvořák’s impact on music and culture.

Allwyn’s new tie-up with 0xCollection is in line with its ambition to create a positive impact on society. By teaming up with the collection to support Refik Anadol’s works, the operator will demonstrate its commitment to supporting culture, innovation and contemporary art.

In addition to presenting Anadol’s Dvořák Dreams, Allwyn will sponsor 0xCollection’s inaugural exhibition, Synesthetic Immersion. The collection’s works will be presented in the Arts Space at Borislavka, Prague, from September 7 to October 19 and will feature the pieces of eight new media artists.

Allwyn noted that Dvořák Dreams and 0xCollection works will later embark on a global tour that will run for around two years.

Allwyn Desires to Support Cultural Initiatives

0xCollection’s director, Elle Anastasiou, expressed her team’s gratefulness to Allwyn, saying that the lottery company’s generous support is what made 0xCollection’s debut in Prague possible. Anastasiou added that Allwyn allowed 0xCollection to double down on its commitment to promote technology and art.

Working between leaders in technology and art is at the very heart of our interdisciplinary mission, and through Allwyn’s support, we have been able to further our commitment to public display and education surrounding our current era of technological and artistic brilliance.

Elle Anastasiou, director, 0xCollection

Allwyn’s chief executive officer, Robert Chvátal, said that his company is proud to foster cultural heritage and support diverse talent. He noted that the current agreement with 0xCollection reflects Allwyn’s desire to innovate and make an impact on society.

We are a company that aims to sit at the forefront of innovation, and we apply the same approach to our partnerships, marrying Allwyn’s novel thinking with similarly creative organizations to make a positive contribution to society.

Robert Chvátal, CEO, Allwyn

Allwyn is currently preparing to take over the National Lottery and is working with its former rival Camelot to ensure a smooth transition.


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