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GSW v. Rockets Game 6 Predictions – Rockets Are Back

  • GSW steal away Game 5 victory
  • Kevin Durant injured – status unknown
  • Raptors most likely winners in Game 6

Game 5 is in the books with the Golden State Warriors (GSW) securing another close victory against the Houston Rockets (104-99). The rivalry between the two teams intensifies and here are our Game 6 predictions.

GSW vs Rockets Game 6 Predictions – Overview

Game 5 between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors was another tough game which ended with a narrow advantage for the Warriors. This time, it was the GSW to suffer a few injuries along the way, with Kevin Durant leaving the court with a strained calf.

  • Date: Friday, May 10
  • Time: 9 PM ET
  • Venue: Toyota Center — Houston, Texas

With Durant leaving before the end of the game, the Warriors were facing a tough last quarter, but a ressurgent Stephen Curry got them 20-point in the second half, which guaranteed the 3-2 lead in the series against the Rockets.

Curry Leads His Team in the Deciding Moments of Game 5

Curry has been playing with an injury this entire series and his performance has often been criticised. However, we saw his true face after Durant had to leave, exposing his team to the Rockets’ attacks. Curry didn’t let down the GSW, though and he responded by revving up his total points after the MVP had left.

Curry’s determined play secured GSW’s important victory in the series as well as the lead. Durant will need to get an MRI today and see if he can join the team in Texas.

Did the GSW Secured the 7-Game Series?

Here is a fun fact. When it comes to 7-game series, the team to secure a victory in Game 5 has over 80% chance of sealing the series in their favor. The ongoing rivalry with the Rockets, though creates an entirely new opportunity for analysts to call the results.

Looking at the dynamics of the game, both the Rockets and Warriors have a very fast play. They can be criticized on occasion that either team doesn’t actually play well enough, but this is not necessarily true.

The series have been long and challenging and it’s to be expected that the pace of play will relent on occasion.

Game 6 Predictions: The Rockets Are Coming Back

We feel strongly about Game 6 and that the Rockets would dominate at home. Durant or no Durant, the Rockets will do their best to come back in Game 6 and we feel strongly that they would succeed. The odds certainly seem to be narrow for both teams.


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