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PUBG Mobile Bans More Than 1.4 Million Cheaters in a Week

In the period December 4 – December 10, PUBG Mobile banned more than 1.4 million cheaters. This is another anti-cheat sweep known as the “Ban Pan” report where PUBG reveals the number of banned players.

Nearly 1.5 Million Cheaters Banned in Another “Ban Pan” Sweep by PUBG

Free-to-play games attract millions of players around the globe and some of them do not like playing fair. This is precisely the case of PUBG Mobile. Although there are millions of players playing weekly, the anti-cheat system of the game is on a constant lookout and permanently bans players who are using cheats or hacks.

Given that there millions of players in PUBG Mobile, the number of cheaters getting banned weekly is in millions too. Only recently, PUBG revealed that for the period December 4 – December 10, 1,498,044 accounts have been permanently suspended. Before this, earlier in December, another portion of 1,450,234 accounts were permanently suspended in another anti-cheating sweep.

According to the PUBG report dubbed as “Ban Pan“, the most popular cheat that was used by the banned players was the auto aim. Some 26% of the cheating players that were banned used such a cheat. Second in line was the X-Ray Vision cheat that allows players to see enemy units through buildings or walls. Some 24% of the players used such a cheat.

Some 17% of the banned players used a cheat marked as “other”, while 16% of the players used a speed hack. Another 10% of the banned players used a damage area modification cheat, while 7% used a character modification cheat.

Breakdown of the Distribution of the Banned Cheaters

Most cheaters – 29% of the banned were identified in the Bronze rank, which is the lowest tier in the game. Some 11% of the banned players were found in the next rank which is Silver. The same amount – 11% were the cheaters found in the Gold rank, while in Platinum, this percentage increased to 13%.

Cheaters that were found and banned with a Diamond rank were 14% of the total. In the next tier which is Crown, 12% of the cheaters were found.

There were cheaters found and banned even in the highest tiers – Ace and Conqueror. Some 2% of the banned players were the highest tier – Conqueror, while 8% were found and banned with an Ace rank.


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