Best Online Gambling Sites

Finding the best gambling sites is a simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is look up the best online gambling sites for real money that are legal in your area and set up your account on one of those. Of course, there are many aspects to gambling websites and what they offer. Below is a list of the best gambling sites that will provide you with a variety of excellent products, opportunities, and gameplay. Let's take a look.

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Different Types of Real Money Gambling Sites

There are so many excellent gambling sites out there, but more importantly – there are different types of sites. Some are called sportsbooks, but you have racebooks, too. You have daily fantasy sportsbooks, but also online casinos. They all pay real money, and they are all very entertaining to be a part of. Which you pick, though, will entirely depend on what gambling websites you are after. Gambling online comes in many forms. Here are the ones you are probably looking for.

Sport Betting Sites

Sports betting has become such a massive deal and a gambling site without a sportsbook is hard to imagine these days. These websites enable you to place a bet on your favorite team, athlete, or competition remotely and in real time. You are able to stay on top of odds, prices, and last-minute developments that make it so much easier for you to enjoy yourself. Online sports betting is definitely taking the world by storm with exciting sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, MMA, and Soccer.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are the biggest ticket on any company’s mind as they drive the biggest profit margins. This is understandable. With their real money opportunities to strike big jackpots or just have a bit of fun, casinos are great fun. Unlike betting sites, online casinos do not expect you to have much of an understanding of how a game works. Real-money casino games are usually self-explanatory. You join, spin the reels of a slot, or back a hand, and voila – you have either won or lost.

Horse Racing Sites

Horse racing sites will be separate from your run-of-the-mill online betting site. Why? Because racebooks (as they are called) will run slightly different bets and markets. It’s safe to say that horse racing is a slightly more complicated affair. The top gambling sites out there will make sure to have a separate dedicated racebook rather than lumping it together with their betting site – as they should.

Cryptocurrency Gambling Websites

Cryptocurrency gambling sites are a bit of a novelty, but they are an important part of well – the entire gambling landscape. They are going to be around for as long as there is online gaming, so it’s important to understand what they are. Essentially, crypto gambling sites use many of the popular crypto tokens out there, whether this is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance, Solana, Binance, and many others, to let you place a bet. You will notice that you can bet with cryptocurrency on crypto casinos, sportsbooks, racebooks, and even fantasy gambling sites!

Esports Betting Sites

Another popular form of gambling site that we ought to pay attention to is esports betting sites. They are a new form of online gambling but are quickly becoming very popular across the globe. As such, players can participate in various betting contests that are based on the outcome of video game competitions. Esports is a multi-billion industry with hundreds of millions of fans around the globe. Betting on esports is a popular pastime for many Millenials and Gen Z and the pastime is one of the youngest out there, both in terms of how long it has been around and what audiences it targets. Most esports bettors are in their early 30s.

Is Online Gambling Legal Where I Live?

This is a great question. Real money gambling is fun, but you will probably want to make sure that the sites you visit are licensed and audited. Local laws do matter and that is why we focus on bringing you the best gambling site options in each jurisdiction. Whether you are into sports gambling or looking for a seven-figure slot jackpot, we have you covered.

Let’s check out where the most popular gambling sites are based. Remember, online gambling laws are in a state of constant flux, so even the most established markets will apply changes to their sports betting and casino landscapes.

To make sure that the online gambling sites you visit are legit, we urge you to quickly catch up on all that you need to know about the sector first in terms of regulation. Read on.

United States

Gambling is legal in the United States, but more importantly, both sportsbooks and casino sites are. So are daily fantasy sports, esports, and racebooks. While the US has a long history of commercial gambling, things are rapidly shifting towards real money online casinos out there. We bring you the best-regulated casinos in America.


Canada has made decisive strides toward the expansion of its gambling industry. The province of Ontario committed to fully private online gambling, opening up the sluice gates for hundreds of suppliers, sportsbooks, and gambling sites in general. Ontario is considered to be the most valuable market in the entire online gambling world as of right now, and Canada as a whole is likely to continue expanding the reach of the activity

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has overhauled many of its laws, impacting online sportsbook and casino rules, as well as anything along the way. Still, the United Kingdom is considered a place where online gambling is safe, it’s highly regulated, competitive, and provides players and bettors with some of the most worthwhile gambling sites. Click here for legal UK gambling sites.


Online gambling is a thing in Australia and there are dozens of betting sites. Even though the market is mature, there have been new sports gambling sites arriving frequently. This is proof of the country’s passion for sports and horse races. Australia focuses exclusively on online betting sites, whereas the casino sector is in land-based facilities. It’s still great fun and Australians are the world’s biggest pokies (slots) fans.

New Zealand

The only providers of online gambling sites at the time of writing are Lotto NZ and TAB. Even then, there is a good number of gambling options across New Zealand. Kiwis seem to share the same passion for pokies as Australians do. TAB also provides sporting and racing betting opportunities. Proceeds from these activities are channeled back into advancing the sports ecosystem in the country.


As far as online gambling in India goes, the country is an outlier. There have been some gambling laws passed in individual states and often met firm resistance from various groups. Overall, India will be the slowest to adopt online gambling. Most such gambling sites available to Indian players are operating in a sort of grey market. Players may play there without any repercussions but running gambling businesses in India is prohibited and anyone caught running such business will be held accountable.

South Africa

South Africa is a market that is fastly regulating its gambling industry. In fact, South Africa has had it up and running since at least 2004. The result is that you can find online betting site options in the country today and place a wager online. This is a great way to stick with trusted websites and know that your online gambling experience is entrusted to reliable brands and industry names.


The Philippines has shown remarkable progress insofar as its online gambling industry goes. Betting sites were rare in the past, but this changed during the 2020-2022 period when transformative laws were passed by The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). As a result, online gambling websites were introduced to the country, from slots to sports betting, bingo, and more.

Online Gambling Apps

The best online gambling site in your market will always provide you with a great app. This app will be a unique standalone experience that enables you to gamble and bet remotely and benefit from the myriad of sports betting markets and casino games that are available to you. Apps essentially make the experience available on mobile. Most players these days access gambling sites on the go, which usually means smartphones and, in some instances, tablets.

Data from different jurisdictions shows that players today choose to play remotely in 90% of the cases across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It’s all a testimony to how the top online gambling apps make for a fantastic experience that is a must-have these days.

Mobile devices make the gameplay a lot of fun so remember to always benefit from the best real money online gambling options.

Gambling Sites Blacklist - Stay Away

Unfortunately, some gambling sites are just looking to take advantage of their players. They will seek to steal your money, mismanage your funds and accounts, lock down progressive jackpot payout, or even sell your information. That is why it’s important that you only play at reputable sites that you know you can trust.

In the meantime, we have put a list of sites that have broken several online gambling laws or have betrayed consumer trust in the most brazen manner possible. We urge our readers to avoid playing at these gambling sites as they have little to offer and threaten your personal and financial data.

How we Review Sites for Real Money Online Gambling
Background and safety check

We go the extra mile to ensure that each gambling site that is reviewed and listed on GamblingNews has a license, SSL encryption, and a strong reputation. We take a look at the web properties of the brands as well as their standing in the iGaming industry.

Customer support and communication

We verify that the customer support team at each casino and sportsbook is competent and capable to assist you. Our reviewers look for platforms that have 24/7 support or offer clear and consistent helplines. We check manually by approaching each website’s customer support as a disguised player.

Bonuses and promotional offers

Our team is well-versed in how to spot the best bonuses on the market. We make sure to list gambling sites that offer good and fair bonus sums, and more importantly – bonus terms. GamblingNews reviews the terms of each betting provider to bring you the most user-friendly promotions. We similarly study the VIP and loyalty offers extended to players.

Game variety and genres

Players appreciate access to a large library of games or sports to bet on and so do we. We offer an in-depth dive into the variety of available games that gambling sites offer you. The team will help you find reliable and trusted casinos and sportsbooks that offer the exact games that you are interested in the most.

Quick and reliable banking

Payments remain a crucial part of the gambling experience and we insist that gambling sites bring you the best and quickest withdrawals. Our team will go through every payment method and test the deposit and cash out process manually to guarantee that you will get the best banking options on your hands.

Designers are creating an icon for each of the sections so can you do a placeholder for now in the ones other than background and safety check.


Is online gambling safe? Yes, gambling online is completely safe. However, you still need to pick the best sports betting or online casino platform available to you to make extra sure.
Is online gambling rigged? No, online gambling is not rigged - in principle. There may exist online gambling sites that are. To stay away from those only stick with GamblingNews-recommended brands and avoid blacklisted or illegal sites.
What are the benefits of online gambling? You have access to more bonuses, more games, more flexible deposits, and more betting and gaming options. An online casino or online sports betting platform comes with thousands of options compared to land-based ones which can be a little slow in comparison.
What do I do if I have a gambling problem? You should first exclude yourself from all gambling sites. This is done through a national self-exclusion program that targets sports betting, casino games, and possibly lotteries. Then you must seek help.
Is casino gambling legit? Yes, casino gambling is legit. You will find gambling online to be very safe if you stick with the websites that can offer you the best gaming conditions in terms of licensed experiences.
Can I play live dealer games online? Yes, you can absolutely play live dealer games online. You can in fact play those on top of progressive jackpots, video poker games, regular slots, and all sorts of table games.
Do mobile devices support online gambling? Yes, definitely. You are always welcome to play your favorite slot games or bet on the best sports markets using a handheld device such as a smartphone or a tablet.
Can I try free games playing at online casinos? Yes, a great casino site will always make sure that you have free access to its full portfolio of games - bar the live dealer games. Some sportsbooks have free fantasy and skilled games as well.
Do I need a lot of money to gamble online? No, not at all. You can gamble with as little as $5 or $10. This will depend on the casino sites or sportsbooks you visit, as well as local laws, but overall, you can bet online or claim a deposit bonus with a very small amount of money. There is no obligation to use more.
Still have questions? Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.