Zynga Poker Extending Go Fas Racing Sponsorship

Social casino gaming and Facebook have recently been in the news due to legalities. Facebook is facing issues for providing details to Trump’s campaign. Zynga is trying to figure out how to get around the laws in some states that consider their games “gambling” because one can spend money getting items during gameplay.

Zynga has certain games like Zynga Poker that is certainly gambling, but other games like their zoo or café based games are not about chance, they are simply about purchasing items if one does not want to wait for more gifts.

Zynga Poker has decided to extend their sponsorship deal with Go Fas Racing. The sponsorship is for Matt DiBenedetto, who is Ford Fusion’s driver, under the number 32. The company will sponsor Matt until the end of the season and hopes they can help him win the All-Star Driver Fan Vote.

Back in March, DiBenedetto reached out through social media, including 56k Twitter fans, and asked to get a sponsor for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race. The race was held in Phoenix.

Zynga Poker heard about the Tweet and decided to help the guy out. They decided to make a deal for just the one race, but then the company decided to extend the sponsorship seven more times. It seems there may be a long-term deal in the works as long as Matt continues to race well.

Zynga Poker has announced they will leave their brand on the car for the May 19th race, which is All-Star Weekend at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Fans will be able to see the brand on the car during the Daytona, Pocono, Watkins Glen, Las Vegas, and Bristol races too, with an end at Homestead.

Zynga Spokesperson Elaborates

Monty Kerr, the SVP for Zynga Poker, and team manager for Go Fas Racing, Mason St. Hilaire, stated they hope the deal will help bring social poker players to the NASCAR industry and vice versa.

Zynga and DiBenedetto are working the social media scene by offering advertisements and trying to push the Go Fas Racing concept. Part of the wager is for Matt to cross the finish line in first place at the All-Star race and to get the fan vote. Last year, DiBenedetto was second from getting the top vote, which he is hoping to correct this year, with the sponsorship deal with Zynga Poker. DiBenedetto stated it is a huge goal as is having Zynga behind him.

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