Wynn’s $7.5 Million Sexual Harassment Settlement

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Steve Wynn has had a $7.5 million claim against him for sexual harassment. The topic was on everyone’s lips during the hearing in Massachusetts that was held by the gaming regulators to ascertain if Wynn would be eligible to run a casino in the state. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) hosted the hearing on Wednesday, which was available to the public. The MGC discussed the matter of sexual harassment claims against Wynn made by the female employees of Wynn Resorts. The female employees stated that Wynn had sexually harassed them for decades.

Wynn is in the process of constructing the Wynn Boston Harbor, which will cost in the region of $2.4 billion. Stephen Crosby, chairman of MGC, commenced the hearing by stating that inhabitants of Massachusetts should not be alarmed by the accusations to the point, whereby, they question the abilities of the gaming industry in the state. MGC’s director of Investigation and Bureau Karen Wells pointed out that the Wall Street Journal reported the $7.5 million sexual harassment settlement that Wynn Resort agreed on with an ex-Wynn Las Vegas employee, who stated that Wynn coerced her to have sex in his office.

The Karen Wells Factor

Wells mentioned that this confidential information was not raised in any court action and that is why no documents existed in regard to the matter, which should have been reported to the MGC investigators. Wells also mentioned that Wynn Resort representatives failed to include the details of the settlement to the public and that they did not broach the matter when Wynn had his Massachusetts casino suitability hearing five years ago.

Catherine Blue, the general counsel of MGC, stated that one of the aspects that MGC looks at to determine license suitability is something called ‘pattern of practice of misconduct.’ Even though that type of behavior may not result in an indictment, it still remains a serious matter that the committee should be perturbed about.

Crosby said that the MGC could not avail all information to the public as the matter against Wynn was a sensitive issue, however, he stated that MGC’s inquiry into the matter will be as transparent as possible.

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