WSOPE Continues with Four More Events

The 2018 World Series of Poker kicked off and the first event featuring the €550 COLOSSUS No-Limit Hold’em brought around a steady turn-out. With 405 entrants into the tournament, this has been one of the largest first-day action for the WSOPE in recent years. Here’s what happened next.

2018 World Series of Poker Europe – Day One Is a COLLOSAL Affair

Day one of the WSOPE kicked off with the €550 Colossus event that saw quite a few people try their luck. With 405 participants tying to get the best of the game, the event has managed to swell its overall entries to 1,330-odd players. This is quite the significant number of players to join the fray and compete for money, prestige and the hallowed bragging rights that come with such competitions.

Nico Mussini managed to blast through the leaderboard and get himself a nice seat after the day’s action was done and dusted. With 918,000 chips to his name, Mussini is well-poised to kill the hopes of others to make it big in the tournament. However, Mussini will need to acknowledge the serious competition that comes from Rifat Gegic, the Swedish with nearly $1.4 million to his name.

Many other players also managed to get a slot for themselves in the following action, with Connor Heelis, Rafi Elharar and Erich Kollmann all issuing a serious challenge to the status quo, such as it was. Meanwhile, quite a few others actually fell short of securing a spot in Day 2.

Day 1F and the Events of the Tournament

Day 1F brought us quite a bit of action indeed. Many of the eliminated players, notably Shaun Deeb and Allen Kessler, but also Maria Lampropulos came back spoiling for a big fight. Meanwhile, today’s poker action has already commenced and weekends are usually the times when poker picks off at any big tournament. With €1,000,000 in guaranteed prize money, nobody is really surprise to see the interest in events picking off so neatly.

There’s still quite a bit to see at WSOPE, including:

  • 1G Saturday October 13th – 12:00
  • 1H Saturday October 13th – 18:00
  • 2 Sunday October 14th – 15:00
  • 3 Monday October 15th – TBA

Monday will be crowning the action with the bulk of contestants hoping to make it this far and get a chance at the big money. European poker has been quite exciting indeed. Our previous report on the event, talked at length about the beginner’s stages of the event that brought just as much excitement as we had hoped for.

WSOP’s Mainstay in Europe

With so many successful events concluded and legislation in the old continent changing quite rapidly to accommodate poker, it’s small surprise that the event is truly causing some excitement. This trend seems quite likely to repeat itself time and again for the sake of developing the game and introduce higher prize pools closer to home.

WSOP have long been the preserve of North America, but the hosts are now realizing that there is a lot of untapped potential in Europe and all it needs is a little push to speed it along to a glorious future indeed.

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