WSOPE Concludes with 12 Players Qualifying Ahead

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Across the globe, poker competitions are carrying on. From the World Series of Poker in Europe (WSOPE) to the individual World Series of Poker Circuits (WSOPC) taking place across the realm of the game, there is a lot to be seen and learned. Today, we take a quick look at the WSOPE event in anticipation of its October 14 return.

Topping the WSOPE Competition

The Wold Series of Poker (WSOP) Europe seems to be going on at full bore and nothing seems to curb the enthusiasm of everyone involved. Taking place at the Rozvadov in the Czech Republic, the WSOPE is driving out the best talent in Europe and offering them an opportunity to claim a number of titles, accompanying cash prizes, and of course – the venerated bracelets. And there is ten of them to win. No need to hurry up, though, because if you are a talent in poker, you will have sufficient opportunity to claim them the regular way.

Overall, there is €13 million in guaranteed prize money, and that’s just the beginning. The first event also just wrapped up. The €550 buy-in COLOSSUS now in the books, it was a Polish professional who soared to victory claiming the limelight. Dariusz Glinski is now ahead of 12 people with his steady chip stack of 669,000 chips in total.

As to the turnup, it wasn’t bad by any standards. With 151 players taking a shot at the tournament and diving into the race, we saw quite a bit of competition and contention between the separate players. One of the most notable talents was the WSOP Player of the Year, Shaun Deeb, who moved in on Day 1 with quite a bit of excitement and determination only to be crushed by his European fellow players. So much about the WSOPE then.

WSOPC – The Event That Took Us Here

Prior to yesterday’s pow-wow, we witnessed the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) held in the same place. The €1,650 buy-in Main Event was topped by Emil Bisel, a notable professional of his own, who forged ahead through 565 players quite unapologetically, and ended up claiming the bulk of the award at €185,652.

Meanwhile, WSOPC across the world continued to beat on, with a few events in the United States as well. The Main Event in Southern Indiana went the way of Heather Alcorn who managed to top 389 competitors and win herself the honors of overcoming the likes of Kevin Iafocano for the sum total of $129,654. Iafocano had to settle for the runner-up position that brought him $80,000 in winnings. Not too bad, by any estimate.

With the events taking place all over the globe, it’s easy to see a lot of top-talent flock to the same tournaments, year in and year out. However, there is field and opportunity for a lot of the new talent who may be excited at the prospect of overcoming proven players and putting a firm foot in the realm of poke themselves.

The elimination of Shan Deeb early on in the WSOPE has sent a definitive proof that it’s not too difficult to outpace even the most skilled player in the game, as long as your own skills are on point.

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