WSOP Las Vegas Highlights

The World Series of Poker is one of the biggest tournaments that top poker players like to enter. Over the weekend, the World Series of Poker Circuit Tournament was held at Planet Hollywood. The location was Las Vegas. Plenty of players turned up, in fact, 608 of them entered for a chance to win part of the top prize, which was $192,152. The buy-in was $1,675. Two people most might know if they follow the WSOP, Tim and Ness Reilly both entered for a chance to win.

Tim and Ness are married. They do not always show up at the same games, but they have done so in the past. If one looks at Ness Reilly’s poker stats, they show that she is gaining ground, except against her husband. She has been in the higher seats in the last couple of tournaments instead of in the 100s. But, Tim has also been in the 100s instead of closer to the winning seat.

What makes the Las Vegas WSOP for the weekend interesting is what happened between Tim and Ness. Tim Reilly sent his wife to the railing to watch the poker tournament.

Eventually, some players fell into better hands, and with eliminations, it came time for Tim and Ness to sit at the same table. In the beginning, Ness had a smaller stack of winnings and held an ace and ten.

All-In to the Railing

Ness decided to put her stack all-in, feeling comfortable that she could win against her husband. She had 66,000 in chips according to the report. Tim sat there for a few moments thinking about what he would do. Perhaps, thoughts like “is she bluffing” didn’t enter his mind or that he might end up sleeping on the couch later didn’t come into the play.

Tim finally decided to call, but it was too late to change his mind the minute he did. Tim held a pair of threes. Ness just needed a good flop, but it didn’t happen. Instead, of giving her the river she needed to win, the cards denied her.

Tim’s call ensured Ness lost her chips and ended her gameplay in the 46th place. She at least went home with $3,248.

In 2015, both made an appearance at the main event, where Tim went out at 360th, and Ness lost at 244th place. So they are no strangers to playing against each other and other poker players, but the ultimate win was not to be for either of them.

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