WSOP Day 6 Results – Joe Cada Still In

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event is carrying on at full blast and that’s to be expected. The news of the latest hour has poker professional Joe Cada well primed for a second title. All that’s left to do is for Cada to overcome opponents that have slightly larger stacks than he has. Will he pull it off, though?

With Day 6 of WSOP concluded, Aram Zobian managed to climb to the very top of the leaderboard, separating himself from the competition. The day was definitely not going to be easy. Whilst the initial stages of the competition featured quite the hefty competitions, not all of them were cut to actually make it to the end. And many of the remaining contenders knew that. However, as the pool of players has diminished down to 109 people, it’s now becoming rather more obvious who the leaders are.

The Remaining Lot

Zobian had been comfortably progressing throughout the day, albeit a power outage dampen the mood, and for a moment a few souls thought that it might be a heist. But it wasn’t. Nor did the machines rise in case you were wondering. It was a plain and banal accident, but nothing that followed once the lights were back was boring.

Finally, there were 26 players left after Day 6 of WSOP. There were many casualties indeed during the day. The prize pool still beckoned with its seducing $8.8 million. The competition will be quite intense right now. Overall there are four bracelet winners who are quite happy with the developments of events.

And so, Yueqi Zhu, Eric Froehlich, Ivan Luca, and our star boy Joe Cada are all primed to pursue yet another title during the competition, a laudable aspiration indeed. At a glance, Aram Zobian is now leading the pack with 41,585,000 chips, followed by Artem Metaldi with 30,845,000, and Antoine Labat with 28,445,000.

As is the won’t of such competitions, you always see the leaders break away from the pack with quite the significant numbers indeed. However, as the number of players drops, it’s more than likely that Zobian will begin to concede some of his advantages to his more endearing opponents who will definitely not let matter stay the way they are right now.

What to Expect

Even though Joe Cada is 19th in the ranking with what appears to be measly 8,850,000 chips, he is still in the final 26, which affords him the unique opportunity to still battle for the second title in his career. He will have to overcome some significant odds as his stack is definitely not brilliant, but so isn’t Barry Hutter’s who’s at the bottom of the competition with his 2,250,000 of chips – hardly the stuff to go up against one Zobian at this point of WSOP.

Even then, as poker draws on skill, all of these 26 players stand to defeat one another and it would be quite inaccurate to try and make predictions other than acknowledging the fact that they are all professionals.

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