WorldPay Handling Global Poker Financial Transfers

Global Poker has offered US players online games for real and free play. The company is able to get around some of the US regulatory laws to ensure they can provide poker to US players.

PayPal, an innovative company offering digital banking with plenty of safety measures has been the key ingredient to financial transactions for Global Poker. Global Poker announced they are switching their providers for financial transactions.

Global Poker will now use WorldPay, instead of PayPal. At the beginning, Global Poker had to convince PayPal that their website would be legal in the US and that they could utilize the pay system for their users. Eventually, PayPal decided that they could transfer the funds when required by customers.

However, just a few years later, Global Poker has been receiving client requests. Online users believe that only being able to use PayPal is too much of a limitation and they want more than a single payment method.

Global Poker had to do something to make their clients happy, which meant switching to a provider that could handle more than just one type of transaction. Laurence Escalante, the CEO of Global Poker, said our customers have made it clear that they wish to have more choices in payment methods. WorldPay has an extensive network that helps players get more of a choice. Given that they have more options than the PayPal withdrawal and payment choice, it was important to be able to transition to something that would be just as helpful.

PayPal is certainly known for their speed and efficiency. WorldPay will have to match that same efficiency and speed if they are to remain an exclusive provider for Global Poker.

One user stated he was extremely happy about being able to use PayPal. The service was fast, and he was able to get the withdrawal required from Global Poker, so he could go on a trip to see his child’s graduation. The user was also happy to state the site has legal status, where others have not been able to remain open in the US market due to legality issues.

Global Poker provides Sweeps Cash and Gold Coins. Gold Coins can be purchased should someone wish to play money games, but cannot be turned into real currency.

Global Poker Offers Tournaments

In March, Global Poker had their main event, which caught the eye of several gambling media sources. The company continues to provide their games to various countries like the US.

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