World Series Sports Betting Odds Updated

Major League Baseball is seeing an increase in fan attendance. Who knows why, but there is one thing for sure—fans are coming out to support their teams.

Another thing that may soon increase is the sports betting wagers placed on the World Series with easier access being granted in some states such as Mississippi.

But what will you vote on? Which team do you think is going to the World Series and who is going to win? The New York Yankees are top of the list for June. It is no surprise that the Yankees are +500 as the favorite to win, considering the team they have for this year. However, the Yankees have not won a title since 2009. Some believe the Yankees are not going to win against their own division, which includes the Boston Red Sox. The Sox are high on the AL East list as contenders, but there have been some issues with the rotation and who plays during their games.

The Sox lost Jordan Montgomery and Tommy John. Masahiro Tanaka is injured and will not be on the roster for a full month.

The Yankees also have issues with their roster and All-Star Luis Severino. But, perhaps it is possible to win the World Series with players like Cole Hamels. Trade talks are certainly heating up and the deadline is June 31 for all trades to be completed.

The Houston Astros are +525 odds, with Boston at +600. If Boston and New York are unable to make it, Houston may be at the World Series. They are a wild card team and are in a race to keep the pace with the Seattle Mariners. However, they are not getting too much respect from the oddsmakers as a team that is even going to win.

Seattle has a 21-9 in one-run games for the year, which was helped by Edwin Diaz. The Mariners are not missing Robinson Cano, who is the All-Star second baseman they had, but who got suspended for 80-games. Seattle has not had a chance to win the World Series since 2001 and even then, they did not reach the main game of the season.

Fan David Ross

David Ross might have given up the bat, but he is still in the game with ESPN, Dancing with the Stars, and a book. Fans can keep in touch and may think of doing so with the 2018 World Series coming up.

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