World Poker Tour Launches Vietnam First, India Second Event

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The World Poker Tour (WPT) is now expanding beyond its traditional areas of interest, driving inroads into Asia and India. WPT is planning to host an event in Vietnam the upcoming September and will then shift towards India where it will hold a second WPT India a month later, in November. As is the custom of the WPT, both events will come with significant prize pools intended to stimulate players to sign up.

WPT – A World of Poker

The World Poker Tour will hold two major events in Asia in the span of 20 days, with Vietnam and India as the designated areas where the tournaments will kick off. WPT will travel to Vietnam where it will be aided by the Ho Chi Minh’s Pro Poker Club to set up the local poker bonanza, taking place on September 26. The event will be no small thing, as the WPT Pro Poker Club Superstack Classic will entice anyone on a budget, with its $500 entry fee while the main event will be in the spotlight, with the $1,000 buy-in.

Apart from WPT’s clever foresight in expanding into new markets, Vietnam and India both have burgeoning poker communities that need help to see the industry take off in full. WPT will not let the side down in the slightest when it comes to Asia. From September 15 through 17, Japan will be on the itinerary, followed by South Korea from September 18 through 21. In South Korea, the tournament will feature a team event with a buy-in of $5,000.

A Band of Players

The team event is in fact quite interesting as it will include a squad of 16, at the very outside, and each of these teams will come along with four players on their rosters. The players will have a chance to compete in six No-Limit Hold’Em Omaha events and the winners will be granted four spots in the upcoming WPT Korea.

The Indian comeback will help the local community expand itself and perhaps give teeth to proponents of poker to in fact fight for a more liberal industry. The event will run from November 13 through 19 and it will be held at the Deltin Royale Casino in Goa. While attendance has not been high, the organizers expect things to develop overtime and are in for the long haul.

Overcoming the legal hurdles that may impede the popularity of poker in India and Vietnam may take some time. However, in the meanwhile, it’s quite easy to enjoy the dedicated events available in the countries, few as they may be. WPT’s repeat of the Indian tournament signals a strong commitment. The organization’s overture with Vietnam, on the other hand, shows that WPT is quite prepared to add new markets and probe new opportunities.

With the soaring popularity of poker worldwide and the online venues that open doors every day, it’s not very far-fetched to assume that India may soon be among the countries to join the rest of the world as a hotspot for poker events.

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