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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Lots of eyes are on the FIFA World Cup 2018. It is a year that sports betting has increased in numerous countries and those who rule it illegal are watching with an eagle eye to ensure people are not breaking the law. But, with the games starting there are also plenty of eyes on the actual action happening and who is going to make it.

Sweden took the win against South Korea, which was disappointing for South Korea.

Even bigger news is the Russia versus Saudi Arabia game. Russia opened with a top match earning five points against the other team, who gained nothing at the goals. The match had 78kfans in Luzenac Stadium all looking to see what would happen. It is the first time a host nation has been able to thrash a team with such high points. In 1934, during the World Cup, Italy hosted the games, and the USA played the opening game. The results were 7 to 1 in favor of Italy.

Saudi Arabia is not known as a team that might be a contender for the World Cup trophy, at least that is what you might be thinking. However, their team is ranked at #67 versus Russia’s position in #70. It is certainly helping the Russia team boost morale to know they won the first game against a team ranked slightly higher than they are. It may provide them the spirit they need to win against Uruguay and Egypt in upcoming games.

Stanislav Churchperson’s side game into the games without a win in the last seven games. Putin was extremely unhappy about the position of his team. Maybe being on the wrong side of Putin is what put the Russia’s in the mind to win and show they can be a contender.

Aleksandr Golovin was able to help with three of the five goals for his team. Yuri Gazinsky was also part of one of the goals. When you consider the reply, it was definitely a team effort to get every goal that brought them the win.

Uruguay beat Egypt in a last-minute game. Uruguay has three to Egypt’s zero. Portugal and Spain tied. When you look at group B teams, Iran has three points, Portugal and Spain are with one point and Morocco has nothing.

Brand Toxicity and the World Cup

On another note many sponsors have forgone putting their advertisements up due to brand toxicity according to a report.


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