World Cup Semifinals, France Wins over Belgium

Tuesday brought us the latest instalment of soccer. Whether you are a fan or not, the 2018 World Cup held in Russia has been a blast so far. Against any expectations, the hosts have done a sterling job hosting the world’s most prestigious soccer, or football, event. And the semifinals between France and Belgium last night were no less spectacular.

France 1, Belgium 0

Held in St. Petersburg Stadium, the game between France and Belgium pitted two rivals that were not only contenders for the trophy, but also quite inclined to prod each other culturally. However, amid the good ribbing, the game on the field was very much serious to the thousands of supporter on the field and millions at home.

Belgium has done a superb job despite being defeated in a rather unexciting clash. If we were to pay our homage to the national squad of Belgium, we ought to start by saying that in the past 20 years, no other country has made it three times to the semifinals. Not only that, but Belgium was for a long while been the underdog, with analysts forecasting its rise out of the bowels of the group stages and crushing its way through the elimination phase.

France’s manager, Didier Deschamps, a famous footballer himself, has given an interview quickly after the game saying that he is proud of how his team has progressed, both in terms of sheer skill but also mentality.

Now France is preparing to leg it all over to Moscow on Sunday to face off either Croatia or England in the 2018 World Cup Final. An exciting moment for the whole of French football, surely.

France’s Unyielding Defences

When we watched the game, we noticed that France is pressured a great deal of the time. Indeed, Belgium’s footballers were on the offensive for the most part. They fought and struggled well between the towering defenders of France, and often succeeded to send a split second could have meant a point in the enemy’s goal.

Observers could chalk this up to luck, but there’s been nothing lucky about it in the slightest. No, rather it was the brilliance of the defenders who had been actively fending off every attack of Belgium for the largest part of the game.

The limelight, of course, fell on Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe, Olivier Giroud and Paul Pogba who managed to organize and pressure their Belgium opponents. But even then, it would have difficult to imagine France’s success without the unerring patience of the defenders.

Croatia Meets England

If you fancy catching up the late game you could wake up early and watch the other semifinal, but if you feel like heading to bed that’s alright because we will bring you the results anyway.

England has had a rather dubious rise to power. Some may chalk it up to luck while others have been happily singing that “Football Is Finally Coming Home”. Whatever the reasons may be, we believe Croatia stands to make it to the finals when the game is up in several hours.

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