WinStar and compLexity Sign Casino and Esports Deal

One after another, bookmakers have been signing with established names in the esports industry. Now, an earth-shattering partnership between WinStar and compLexity has taken place

WinStar First Casino to Endorse Esports

The WinStar World Casino and Resort has decided to sign up with compLexity Gaming, a professional organization that focuses on competing in video games. As a result, the 600,000 sq ft complex is now the home of the team when it comes to gaming or holding events.

Not only is this the first partnership between a casino and a gaming powerhouse in the United States, but is it also unprecedented across both the gambling and esports industries.

Previously, teams have signed up with sports betting agencies, such as Betway, which is one of the most popular sponsors presently.

The move was received quite well by compLexity Founder and CEO Jason Lake. Mr. Lake commented on the latest development, noting that WinStar is a “preeminent gaming venue,” and that his organization was absolutely fascinated to be part of this bilateral deal.

According to Mr. Lake, the partnership also clearly indicates that esports are entering the mainstream, arriving at places that are not exclusively purposed for competitive video gaming, but reinventing themselves to accommodate the phenomenon.

WinStar is not using the partnership as a stunt. As part of the newly-struck agreement, compLexity players will enjoy a variety of privileges at the resort, including a place at the hotel to stay, but also access to the amenities, such as golf courses, concerts, gym, spa centers, and more.

More Boots on the Ground

Naturally, this partnership is not the first time that a non-endemic brand has struck up a partnership with an esports organization. WinStar will focus to involve compLexity as much as possible, bringing the team on-site to drill their skills ahead of a major competition and the brand will also seek to host events for North America, intended at popularizing both the team and WinStar’s own facilities.

WinStar General Manager Jack Parkinson has said that the brand focuses on creating a unique experience for the newly-signed esports teams. Mr. Parkinson also praised compLexity as an organization that was innovative and bringing much to the entertainment segment.

compLexity’s forward-thinking and innovative approach to one of the fastest growing genres of mainstream entertainment is a natural fit as we look toward remaining at the forefront of the gaming industry. – J. Parkinson, WinStar General Manager

The combination of esports and high-end venues is clearly designed to benefit all parties involved, with WinStar hoping to attract a young demographic, but also clearly re-considering their entertainment model.

Meanwhile, compLexity are quite content to make full good use of what is offered to them in the way of amenities and training venues. While the team is benefitting from WinStar’s deal, around the United States, esports betting is also gaining traction.

Unikrn, an esports-focused betting agency, has obtained its license recently and is now pushing for a massive expansion across the country. With initiatives such as the franchised league in Overwatch, a popular competitive game, esports are now taking a central place in the entertainment industry’s narrative.

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