Will Daniel Negreanu Start His Own Poker Series?

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  • Daniel Negreanu mentions launching his own poker tournament on Twitter
  • No rebuys, and all events would have guarantees
  • Plenty of support from players on Twitter

Daniel Negreanu took to Twitter to tease his plans for a poker tournament, which would feature freezeouts only and guarantees on all events.

In today’s poker market, you’ll find that most tournaments are re-buys, allowing players to re-enter once they have busted out. While it offers players a second (or third, or fourth) shot at winning big, they’re not everyone’s style – and Daniel Negreanu has a solution.

Today, the famed poker star voiced his thoughts on Twitter.

There are some pretty interesting ideas here, especially with all tournaments being freezeouts. This would certainly up the ante of all events, making for more higher stakes and more excitement.

It would also appeal more to casual poker players, who may not have the bankroll or staking to support entering a tournament multiple times. It would certainly level the playing field, as pros with bigger bankrolls who usually rebuy will have as many chances to compete as recreational players.

The idea of one event a day is also intriguing. This would allow players to enter as many events as they like without having to worry about a scheduling conflict. We would likely see a lot more high-profile players in a wider range of events.

Guarantees on all events is also a great prospect. You can tell that Negreanu really has the player in mind when planning this tournament, as he wants to ensure that entrants know how much money they’re playing for from the get-go.

Negreanu’s  tournament is only a tweet right now, so you never know if it’s going to happen. He doesn’t seem to have many details ironed out so far, but he has put together a schedule and it looks pretty juicy.

What we like about this list is that there is a great mix of events. You don’t often see HORSE, short deck poker and stud in large poker tournaments, so Negreanu’s event would open things up to a wider array of players and give all types of poker players a chance to shine.

A tournament with Negreanu’s name attached to it would definitely draw plenty of players, so it is a very exciting prospect. We’ll definitely be keeping our ears to the ground for more news about this event. It’s only in the very preliminary planning stages, but there is potential for the idea to actually come to fruition. Negreanu is part of Team PokerStars, so they might even get involved and help with the organization.

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