What Happened in Week 26 of the EPL?

Watford has plenty of reason to celebrate, as the team trashed Chelsea 4-1. Antonio Conte may have suffered defeat to Bournemouth when his team lost 3-0 on top of another defeat in the last three games, but Conte’s problems were only starting. The management at Chelsea was unhappy with his results, and they were dubious to stand up for him in the media. After the loss to Watford, Conte stated that he was not perturbed by the board’s reluctance to stand by his side.

Ray Wilkins, Chelsea’s assistant manager, said to TalkSport that the Chelsea team was not interested in playing for Conte. The team pulled the same stunt when Mourinho was in charge, a deed which resulted in Mourinho’s dismissal. The really bad news about the defeat is that Watford did not even play at its peak. The team has garnered only 6 points since last year November and did not win a single game in the last 12 matches. Watford had not beaten Chelsea since 1999.

What’s Happening at West Ham?

The Telegram published a story that West Ham would fire David Moyes in summer even if he was to keep the team in the Premier League. Moyes has a contract with West Ham that spans for two and a half years. After the article was released in the newspaper, West Ham representatives were quick to voice the facts. They claimed that the Telegraph had published a fabricated article, and it was not true that Moyes would be fired in summer. Despite having the apparent backing of the West Ham board, the majority shareholder of West Ham referred to Moyes’ appointment as a gamble.

As winter approaches, it seems as if the English sides will be entitled to a break. The Premier League bosses have noticed that teams in Italy, Spain, Germany, and France take a break in winter, as a result, the players are able to perform at the pinnacle when they are playing international matches. This theory has vindicated itself as the players who play in the aforementioned leagues perform much better at international games than players in the English Premier League.

Although the intention to give the Premier League players a break in winters is present, the enactment will take place only when the negotiations for the following TV deal are concluded. The present deal with is a gargantuan sum of 5.14 billion pounds to show 168 live matches.

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