West Virginia and Mississippi Regulating Sports Wagers

What do Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Mississippi have in common? These three states are working on their sports betting laws.

West Virginia is the next to allow sports wagering.

Tribal casinos in Mississippi can legally have sports betting.

Rhode Island governor is going to sign the sports betting bill today, Friday, June 22, 2018 according to news statements.

Adding Up the Information

Mississippi was the first to announce that they would not try to block the tribal casinos who have different rules governing their casinos. The state is working on allowing land-based casinos to have sports betting privileges like the tribal casinos will start offering next month.

West Virginia has also approved new regulations, which puts both Mississippi and West Virginia ahead of many other states, and definitely in time to allow people to place wagers before the NFL season begins.

Thursday, June 21, 2018, the Mississippi Gaming Commissions stated they have approved the final laws that will determine the legal right to sports betting in their state. They are going to allow 28 casinos to have sports wagering. By law, the regulations will start working in thirty days.

During this time the casinos have to get the software and punters ready to start wagering. It also means that by the end of July sports betting will be available in Mississippi. MGM Resorts is one brand that has two casinos in the state. They announced on Twitter that the casino will accept wagers by July 21, 2018.

Regulations on the early draft began in May, while the state waited for the US Supreme Court to make their decision. The operators will need to pay 12 percent tax for the betting revenue they make.

An earlier draft also included that there would be no integrity fee or royalty payable to professional or college sports.

West Virginia is a bit different. This state decided to approve emergency betting regulations Thursday. The West Virginia Lottery is behind the approval. The regulations are will the Secretary of State before it will be made usable by the four public casinos and the Greenbrier Resort. Of course, all has to go well with the launch and the secretary of State for the regulations to be in effect in August. Commissioner Alan Larrick believes a lot will happen and the state will be there near the first kickoff, if just a little later than they wish to be.

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