West Ham Routs Manchester United 3-1

We have long been convinced that the English Premier League (EPL) is quite top heavy. However, West Ham, the minnows if not dregs of the tournament have proven to be quite the insurmountable power squad. With a draw against Chelsea and routing Manchester United, the team has definitely won itself the admirations.

West Ham – The Team on the Fringes

West Ham soared to a metaphorical victory against Chelsea last Sunday, when the team met as part of the English Premier League competition. None of the teams managed to dominate the other and the result stood timidly at 0-0. Chelsea were quite frankly taken aback whereas West Hammers rejoiced. The deafening cheers of the crowds could be herd far and wide.

But most experts chalked up West Ham’s excellent form to a fluke. After all, no team that is this good ever ends at the bottom of the EPL. Then, on Saturday, September 29 came the game against Manchester United. Jose Mourinho spoke to the media in the wee minutes before the game noting that West Ham had shown a superb form.

He had no idea how right he was. The game began with West Ham’s dominance. The team kept control of the ball in 78% of the cases and results followed soon. West Hammers opened in the 5th minute with a point by Anderson bringing Manchester United to their knees.

Nobody expected for the Red Devils to lose their feet so drastically and let West Ham to dominate the entire game. It was indeed bizarre. Be that as it may, a single point in their own goal was not all the trouble West Hammers had in store for Manchester.

The Game Continues but So Do the Points

As the game progressed, it became painfully obvious that West Ham will continue to dominate. They kept the ball in their favor and continued to barrage the Red Devil’s goal. A single situation restored the hopes of Man United, who expected to score, but faltering their offensive, they had to settle for naught.

It was then, in the 44th minute that Sweden’s Lindelof scored in his own goal to double the lead that West Ham already had on Manchester United. And so, the two teams headed for the half time.

Returning for the second leg of the game, Manchester United didn’t seem to be in a much better form. Nevertheless, Marcus Rashford managed to fight for his team and deliver a point in West Ham’s point in the 71st minute restoring some of the hopes that the team will bounce back.

However, Arnautovic returned a point back to Manchester by scoring in the 74th minute and completely dashing the hopes of the team that they can yet bounce back.

The bad decision-making by Jose Mourinho who failed to bring fresh recruits paired with the poor result has led some to think that he will lose his job. But the truth of the matter is that the damage that may have been inflicted to Manchester United will take months if not years to repair.

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