Watch Exclusive “Monster Hunting” Footage from PUBG in China

  • Chinese PUBG Mobile players have got a special “Monster Hunting” mode, celebrating the Chinese New Year
  • More evidence of an upcoming Zombie mode emerges
  • Both modes could gain traction if received well by the community

Following reports that zombies have been spotted all over Erangel, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUG) Mobile is now getting a new mode to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. “Monster Hunting” will not be available outside the country, but footage of the mode is already available.

What’s After the “Zombie Mode” for PUBG Mobile?

Zombies are one of the scourges that will be reportedly arriving to PUBG Mobile, later in January when a new patch for the game hits. Apart from introducing a few new rifles and a fresh mode of transportation, the patch is coming along with its home-brewed Zombie Apocalypse.

Players have been reporting sightings of washed-ashore zombies on Erangel, one of the main competitive maps for PUBG. The cadavers were spotted on the islands near to Military Base and they were modeled after player characters, suggesting that upon dying in the mode, you’ll be turned into a shuffling heap of rotting flesh yourself.

PUBG Mobile Erangel Zombies

Washed ashore zombies on PUBG Mobile map Erangel. Photo Credit: Reddit.

Other important sightings, such as tracks in the snow and black sticky substance all over buildings has been suggestive of what we can only assume to be zombie blood. The introduction of zombies is far from surprising after PUBG Corp. signed up with Capcom’s Resident Evil on the occasion of the PUBG Mobile Global Invitational Dubai tournament.

A “Monster Hunting” PUBG Mode for China

PUBG Corp. are not quite done with introducing cool and, as it turns out, exclusive features. Players have reported that a new PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update has brought Chinese gamers a special “Monster Hunting” mode.

The mode is a special one-off event celebrating the Chinese New Year whereby players will dive into special locations going after mythical critters that in most cases will fight back. YouTube user Rey LAGARTO has released a 10-minute segment showing in-game footage from the new mode.

“Monster Hunting” is unlikely to be a huge hit in the West at this time, although if the Chinese community takes to the implementation, PUBG may consider scaling the event outside the country. In fact, if PUBG Corp. are indeed looking to push through with a Zombie Mode for the mobile version, it’s most certainly a litmus test about a similar feature being introduced to other platforms.

PUBG also managed to finish 2018 on a very strong note, boosting its mobile results, although it fell utterly short of catching up to Fortnite on iOS, with Epic Games’ product hitting $60 million in monthly revenue compared to $20 million for PUBG Mobile, as reported by Sensor Tower.

Zombies are particularly popular in first game shooters. Fortnite: Battle Royale began as a game where you had to fight off swarms of dehumanized enemies. The Call of Duty franchise has also had zombies all over the place, and some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) modifications have been around since at least 2012.

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