Wariness Required with ICO Casino Offerings

ICO or initial coin offerings are for suckers, according to one source. There have been a high number of ICO announcements made in the gambling world, which some players have taken advantage of because it sounds like a deal.

Gamblica, Cardano, and Atari have announced initial coin offerings. But, the offers are only out to help increase the stock price from all appearances. When you look through the archives with numerous announcements of ICO options in the last year, it does not seem like the investor is winning.

The platforms providing initial coin offerings promise customer friendly wagering, such as commission-free exchanges. They may also show a better player edge than house edge, which is supposed to look more attractive to players who are used to the traditional online gaming house edge.

However, the customer has to believe there is value in the tokens they are purchasing, whether it is Ethereum or another type of cryptocurrency. The cost is only directly related to the site the person is on, so you might not be laughing once you try to pull your winnings out.

There is a reason behind this move. Cryptocurrency and gaming operators are trying to fuse the advantages in online gambling as the world turns more towards these online currencies for value. But, we are not there yet. Most of the world is not ready to accept an online form of money is worth much at all.

Certain sites offer legitimate options for turning cryptocurrency into something valuable. For example, Bitcoin Cash Games does allow you to remove your winnings in the form of goods or services that are unrelated to gambling. You do not have to find someone else to buy your tokens to get a little value from what you make.

Valueless Currency Offers

For most of the sites offering ICOs, it is nothing more than trying to sell failed Confederate banknotes to someone silly enough to think there is value in them. It is not that things cannot advance later on with cryptocurrency and online gaming sources. However, we are not there yet. Bitcoin is making headway, but too many ICO offerings are hindering the legitimacy of such a move in the online world.

It will take time for people to come around and for cryptocurrencies to have more actual value once you purchase them with your hard earned income. Until then, it is time to watch and not buy into the ICOs.

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