VOIP Scams Revealed, Arrests Made in Phnom Penh

Gambling law reforms may be pulling investors in, but news like VOIP scams may hinder the process. Cambodia news outlets released a statement that police have arrested over a hundred Chinese nationals. In fact the VOIP scam leads to 121 arrests of Chinese nationals. The incident happened Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

Police went to two rental homes located in Phnom Penh. They raided both houses simultaneously. The target was the illegal online gambling and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) scam happening in the homes.

The suspects allegedly operated the illegal scam and will be charged with extortion. Included in the arrests are 19 women. The scammers used Cambodia’s VOIP system to extort money from people living in China. The arrests happened in the Tuol Kork and Sen Sok districts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cambodian police were following a tip from Chinese Interpol.

According to the information received from Chinese authorities, the individuals were posing as police, judges, prosecutors, and bankers. They used facades to make phones calls from Cambodia to China as a means of extorting money.

Lieutenant General UK Haiseila, part of Cambodia’s General Department of Immigration stated the group of Chinese mafia was hiding in Cambodia. The group is arrested due to the raids and in collaboration with the Chinese police.

During the raid, VOIP telephones, material evidence, and mobile phones were all collected. The arrested individuals are being detained and will be questioned. It is possible all or most of them will be deported back to China to stand trial. Chinese Interpol would need to send a plane, if they are deported, to collect all the suspects and make sure they face a judge.

Last Years VOIP Scams

Last time, over 220 Chinese Nationals were arrested in a VOIP scam. It seems the VOIP scams are highly popular, with Chinese nationals hiding out in Cambodia running the illegal dealings and extorting money. The 2017 arrests and yesterdays are just two of the biggest raids the police have made.

There are other raids, such as the one last week that arrested 89 Chinese nationals, who will be deported due to illegal online gambling activities. In Preah Sihanouk Province another raid occurred in 2017 that involved 41 people in a VOIP scam. Before that raid, another happened in Phnom Penh and Kandal Province, where 69 Chinese were arrested for extortion scams. Fines can include $5,000, plus time in prison.

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