Virtual Reality eSports with VRcade PowerPlay

VRstudios is behind a new way to play video games. They are offering a virtual reality arcade option. Players can gather in a physical place and play the same virtual reality games. The company is offering VRcade PowerPlay, which is an eSport game. It is designed for location-based entertainment.

VRStudios already has 55 virtual reality arcades around the world. In fact, they have these locations in fourteen countries. Players can enjoy a pay-per-play experience, similar to the old style video game arcades.

The company is based in Bellevue, Washington. In a statement the spokesperson said, VRcade PowerPlay is an athletic team eSport game allowing players to free-roam in an arena-sized virtual reality center.
Two to eight players can go against each other in a virtual reality battleground that is sixty by forty feet. There are competitive matches that are configured with millions of combinations, including a multiplayer mode, battlefield, and arm cannon presets.

VRcade PowerPlay lets players move around, encourages players to be smart and to cooperate with each other. VRStudios is trying to offer a fun experience for people watching too, with broadcasts. Spectators can watch the live action, with an in-game video showing what is happening. They get to see favored players winning.

eSports is growing in popularity. VRStudios believes VRcade PowerPlay is going to be a game-changer for the industry that is taking off and growing at an exponential rate. The next generation of eSports is here. It adds pure athleticism to the activity, with a playing field that is expansive. The arcade operator can begin the games and let people have fun.

It is also complementary to other attractions and systems developed by VRStudios. They are a new category of location-based VR for spectators and players. New business models and branding options exist for sponsors and operators.

VRStudios vice president, Chanel Summers, said they wanted to deliver an action-packed game, with plenty of excitement. It has taken five years for this task to reach completion. The team has worked tirelessly to offer a retro game aesthetic, while also ensuring the virtual reality experience would be the ultimate in eSports and for all gamers.

The physical action combined with a range of motion and competitive matches ensures VRcade PowerPlay is the next generation. Even players who enjoy an occasional fun game will want to try out the virtual reality arcade.

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