Vinokurov Wins Title at 2018 Bucharest Open Main Event

The primed favorite at the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest €1,100 Main Event main event had won. It was not a fully surprising victory as he had been primed to win from the very get-go. Look at the coverage here or anywhere around the internet, and you will notice that the name of Anton Vinokurov emerges at every step.

A Great Bucharest Open, Indeed!

His win was quite deserved, though. The main event reunited 592 contenders of whom only 17 made it to Day 3 of the competition. It was truly an amazing spectacle to behold. Mr. Vinokurov didn’t make big plays per se, but he managed to stay ahead, sniping enemies from the shadows.

Bagging the €103,060 award was definitely something Mr. Vinokurov had been looking forward to. And the mood seemed to be upbeat, even though many, including some of the early-eliminated Polish players were a bit gloomy at their defeat.

The players demonstrated outstanding fair play and good-naturedness, which turned the event into an even greater success. The runners-up slots were dominated by Romanians. Positions 2 through 5 went to the host country, with Cosmin Cimpeanu, Carmen Zainescu, Florin Elisei, and Adrian lonescu bagging cash prizes ranging between €64,050 and 25,170.

A handful of other players also made their appearance, including the Czech Republic contender Vojtech Susta, Vitalijs Zavorotnijs from Latvia, Amir Shomron from Israel and Daniel Chutrov from Bulgaria.

Despite the outstanding lead of Mr. Vinokurov, all players in the list had at one time or another, an outstanding chance to make a difference and become the next Unibet’s champ. However, a few bad calls more have relegated them to the backbenches.

That’s not to say that any of the players that didn’t win the title itself are bad. Quite on the contrary, they all seemed to exhibit the same qualities that Mr. Vinokurov’s had. Only, Mr. Vinokurov was more composed and didn’t take unnecessary risks whether the less experienced opponents were more eager to add to their stacks quicker, which cost them dearly.

Towards the End

Towards the end of Day 3, Mr. Vinokurov was running up against Florin Elisei and the pair had apparently decided to take each other out. Only, Mr. Vinokurov had almost 18 million in play and was quite difficult to upset, especially by Mr. Elisei’s rather poor stack. Still, Mr. Vinokurov victory was a fairly close one and someone looking the stream that day might have thought he was lucky.

Probably, only that Mr. Vinokurov managed to stay lucky throughout the whole competition, which is more than mere fortunate turn of events. Meanwhile, Ms. Zainescu, the 2017 Bucharest Ladies Champion, was eliminated going up against Cimpeanu, landing a third spot for herself in the overall standing.

The final event was truly exciting. The Twitch commentary was on point and apart from a minor blackout where the casters didn’t realize they couldn’t be heard any more, the pair of Brits were quite amusing to listen. The Bucharest Open may be now over, but more high-stakes poker action is along the way!

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