Vikings and Jaguars Look to End Losing Streak

The Minnesota Vikings have lost the last four games and the team has not contested for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in over 40 years. The Jacksonville Jaguars are still vying for its debut in the Super Bowl. The Vikings and Jaguars are striving to end the losing streak. Of the two teams, the Jaguars will have a bigger challenge to face. The team is traveling to Foxborough on Sunday to face the New England Patriots. The Jaguars are not favored to win as the team is listed 9 points below. The New England Patriots are heading for the seventh consecutive play in the AFC Championship Game.

The Jaguars have not won the last 7 games against the New England Patriots, who are the defending champions. The Patriots have won the last 10 games and only lost 1 in ATS overall games. The team’s record is 7-1 ATS in the playoffs. The Vikings are scheduled to play the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. The Vikings are favored to beat the Eagles as the team delivered a stellar performance when it beat the New Orleans Saints last week. The Vikings are hoping to host Super Bowl 52 on its turf, the US Bank Stadium.

The Eagles Are Formidable Opponents

The Eagles will not be easy to beat as the team has not lost to the Vikings in the last nine of the twelve games that the teams played. The Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons 15-10. The Eagles’ performance was sublime as the team was behind in the first half 10-9. The Falcons had an opportunity to win the game, but the team was not able to score a touchdown to extend the lead. The Eagles were determined to win the game and its defense proved to be impenetrable as the Falcons were at the two-yard line one minute before the end of the game and failed to score. The Vikings do have a chance to beat The Eagles, however, the team will have to play at its best to stand a chance against the mighty Philadelphia Eagles. The Jaguars have an insurmountable challenge when the team faces the Patriots, but football favors the bold and the Jaguars may win if its valiance is exhibited.

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