Victor Ramdin’s Journey to Poker

Victor Ramdin

Have you ever wanted to tap into the thoughts, feelings, and desires of a professional poker player? That’s exactly what we did, at least on paper. We spoke to Victor Ramdin about gratitude, prospects for online poker in New York and the $25k PokerStars Player’s No-Limit Hold ‘em Championship. Victor Ramdin was born into a poor household on a small Guyanese Island. When Victor worked as a taxi driver, he caught the first glimpse at PokerStars Team Pro.

Victor was 21 when he immigrated to the United States with the hope that he would succeed, and if he did, he would go back to Guyana to help the hapless. Ramdin won $10k in 2006 in the World Poker Tour (WPT) Main Event held in Foxwoods. Victor started a charity called Guyana watch, which helps Guyanese children who have problems with tickers.

Victor talks about gratitude when he mentions needing spectacles when he was growing up. He says that he could not see the blackboard in school, and his parents could not afford to buy him a pair of glasses. When a US ship sailed into Guyana, he describes the glasses which his parents bought him as a ‘glass that covered my face.’ Victor was appreciative of the gift, as the glasses enabled him to see.

“Thanks to those early beginnings, I understand the value of money and everything else valuable in my life. This trip has been a dream for me this year. I am so damn happy,”

says Victor.

One of Victor’s strengths at the table is his jubilance. He is able to focus his energy toward the game and not be distracted by brooding. “I see people sitting at the table, looking miserable. I can’t be like that,” says Victor. He played at the same table as Kevin Hobbs, CEO of Vanbex. Victor told Hobbs about Guyana Watch and that $50000 would save the lives of 10 children. Hobbs not only promised to donate the $50000, but he will also fund a doctor’s annual trip to Guyana.

“I’m playing the $25k next year. Whoever thought of this is a genius I tell you. Give it up to PokerStars. I love everything about it.”

said an excited Victor Ramdin.


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