Vegas Sportsbook Makes New 2018 Masters Record

The Professional Golfers Association is another area where people like to bet on sports. Bookmakers certainly make a winning amount on placing bets and getting the odds ready. The PGA 2018 Masters Tournament is set for Thursday, April 12, 2018. The total winnings for the tournament are $11 million. This year the tournament is getting even more attractive than it did in 2017. One Vegas sportsbook said they have a massive number of wagers. It is a new record.

The credit goes to Tiger Woods, at least according to one source. Woods is back in golf. It is his first appearance since 2015. Tiger Woods is a 14-time major champ and four-time Masters winner. People tend to flock to the PGA tournaments whenever he is going to play.

Jeff Sherman, a sportsbook manager, said when Tiger plays, attention from the entire public occurs, which means the odds are typically made in his name. Right now Tiger is ranking first in the ticket counter, and in the third position for money wagered on the Masters.

The PGA Masters

The PGA Masters will happen at Augusta National Golf Club. As the name suggests, it is in Augusta, Georgia. The location is good for bettors because they have data to go off of when they place a bet. The course data for how different players will proceed during the tournament is readily available. It helps to create prop bets and regular wagers.

It is understandable that since Woods has been out of the Masters for three years that some people may not think he is a favorite. But, that is okay for those who understand who the top players have been for the year. Jordan Speith is the favorite to win, who also won in 2015. The Odds are 10 to 1, with Dustin Johnson a second favorite to win. His odds are 12 to 1. Woods, Rory Mcllroy, and Justin Rose are in a four-way tie with Johnson for who may be second to win.

Augusta will have a few veteran players at the game who compete for the green jacket. One player is Bubba Watson who gained two Masters’ wins. Phil Mickelson is the second, and he already has three green jackets.

What bettors need to know—Tiger Woods is back. Betting is already taking on a huge part of the game. Jordan Speith is more the favorite to win, but Tiger could win or come in second.

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