Valve Wraps Up First Artifact: The Dota Card Game Tournament

Game developer Valve is about to release a new trade card game (TCG), Artifact: The Dota Card Game. In anticipation of the upcoming product, the company hosted a preview tournament which left many players none the wiser after having spectated the game for a while.

Joel Larsson Wins First Artifact Tournament

Artifact: The Dota Card Game is a new digital collectible card game. Developed by Valve, the company behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and Defence of the Ancients (DotA) 2, the developers believe that they can introduce a game of steeper learning curve that will still resonate well with the community. Though the game is officially scheduled to release on November 28, a preview tournament has been arranged.

On the weekend of November 10 and November 11, 128 beta testers met in a preliminary tournament that was intended to showcase the game. Immediately, concerns about the complexity of the game followed, with viewers explaining that they had no way of following what was going on.

The streamers from Beyond The Summit, a renowned streaming channel on Amazon-owned Twitch, reconsidered the way they streamed and changed up the format, allowing for some explanation time before each game started. The educatory approach seemed to work a little better, with Twitch and Steam community leaders trying to answer questions in the side chat panel in real time.

The tournament was attended by a number of respected figures, including Dota 2 professional players and Hearthstone (another TCG) talent. While the majority struggled, one player seemed to carry on completely undisturbed.

The Swedish pro Joel “heffaklumpen” Larsson managed to overcome the field of contestants without conceding a single defeat all throughout the weekend, establishing a perfect score in all phases of the tournament.

Larsson the Unstoppable

Mr. Larsson managed to climb to victory going undefeated in every round of the event. While streamers struggled to grasp the core concept of the game, he used his Magic The Gathering (yet another complex TCG) knowledge to defeat opponents in Artifact.

More good news come as players will be allowed to spread the word about the game and create educational videos come November 17 when the official non-disclosure agreements between beta testers and Valve comes to an end.

Hopes among community members are that they will manage to quickly grasp the core concept and participate in the game. While the reception of the game has seemed to be positive, there are still some issues at the core that have been gnawing at the community boards, judging by the topics appearing on popular community forum Reddit.

People have been disappointed that no open Beta would be available ahead of the November 28 launch, though hints about the game have already been seen across Dota 2, one of the other flagship titles Valve owns. Another issue has been the acquisition of cards and the fact that trade will be disabled when the game first releases.

The only place to acquire new cards will be through the Steam marketplace. While some commend this move, as it adds for a more flexible way of purchasing cards instead of snapping card bundles in bulk, others feart that Valve may end up overpricing every step.

While this worry looks daunting, it’s very unlikely to happen.

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