US Supreme Court Ruling May Allow More Gambling

New Jersey is waiting for a US Supreme Court Ruling. They are so sure the ruling is going to go in their favor, they have already told sports betting operators to apply for licenses. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s director, David Rebuck went to ICE Totally Gaming Conference in London at the beginning of February. He told some of the attendees that they should try to apply for a license to be a part of New Jersey’s sports betting.

His statement told them that they would be “left behind” if they do not apply. Rebuck also made a statement to ESPN, Thursday, February 15, 2018, confirming that they are willing to take applications at the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement in preparation for the ruling. Rebuck believes the verdict is going to be in favor of the sports betting operators. He feels the state will be able to regulate and legalize sports betting.

He also stated that there are licensing requirements that need to be met before operators can participate, which is why they should get started with the application process now.

The gaming industry is waiting for the US Supreme Court ruling because it will be a monumental move forward if they do rule in favor of New Jersey. According to the current laws, sports betting bills currently in place are in violation of PASPA, a federal law. The law states only sports betting can occur in Nevada.

The Timing of the Ruling

Some hopeful individuals believe a ruling might come out on March 5th, but others feel this is too early and it is more likely the US Supreme Court will have their announcement ready by April. Even if the supreme court does rule in favor, New Jersey law may not cover licensing and regulation of sports betting. In fact, it seems more like a dare for the federal government stating that New Jersey could not be prevented from not following the PASPA. New Jersey seemingly says they do not have to enforce the anti-betting laws.

New Jersey is also working to repeal the law that would prevent sports betting to ensure that it can occur at the casinos and racetracks if the US Supreme Court rules in favor of allowing their state to run sports betting operations.

Rebuck may be jumping the ruling and may find that all his positive thoughts are not enough. The US Supreme Court could decide the law is being violated and will not allow operators to place sports wagers.

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