US Sexual Harassment Claims Add Steve Wynn to the List

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Several prominent celebrities have recently come under fire regarding sexual harassment claims. Last year Bill Cosby was at the top of the list, but for 2018 it is none other than the gaming mogul—Steve Wynn.

Wynn denies the allegations that he sexually harassed a female staff member at his Wynn Resorts location. It is not just one staff member that says Wynn has harassed female staff for over a decade. Many females that work at Wynn have added to the claim.

Friday’s Claims

January 26, 2018—the stock for Wynn took a 10% hit due to the allegations. Alexandra Berzon from Wall Street Journal reported the details of the decade’s long sexual abuse issue that female staff members logged against Wynn. It is not just at Wynn Resorts, but his other properties.

According to the list, in 2005, a manicurist working at Wynn Las Vegas claimed Steve forced her to have sex. She was in his office offering a manicure when he forced her onto a massage table he kept in the room, said the allegations. The settlement for this staff member was 7.5 million USD.

Another staff member, a massage therapist stated Wynn would expose himself to her during the massages, even ordering her to massage his member to the point of climax. Her statement to media said she did a full body massage, but when he asked for sex, she refused, and Wynn backed off.

Others have said he has asked inappropriately for his employees to come to his office for sexual favors. Many of the staff complained to human resources but were not taken seriously.

Berzon interviewed 150 female staff members, but none of these women came to her, she found them. They expressed fear about losing the ability to find employment anywhere in Las Vegas if they revealed who they were.

Steve Wynn, during the interview, said he never assaulted these women. He said it was horrible how anyone can make allegations, and the person who is the target of this has to publicly deal with the fallout, including suffering through lawsuits that last for years.

Wynn felt his ex-wife, Elaine, may be behind the allegations and investigation; however, his claims are not being backed by any proof. It is public record that in 2005 he paid 7.5 million USD to a manicurist to end a lawsuit.

Wynn backed Trump and has reportedly been involved in relations between Trump and the Chinese.

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