Upswing Poker Fights Back Against Habbeger

Upswing Poker owner Doug Polk has got into an argument with former business partner Fernando Habegger, better known as JNandez87 among friends and fellow players. Fleshing out the complete story may take some time, but bear with us, as we will try to lead you through the motions here and detail the full picture.

For a short while Habegger and Polk were business partners at Polk’s Upswing Poker. Upswing poker draws on Polk and fellow players’ expertise to post informative guidelines which can help aspiring pros to find out more about successful poker stratagems. Habegger’s own involvement was appreciated by the organization and Polk both.

However, shortly after the collaboration started, Polk found out that Habegger had been driving traffic to his own website which copied the exact same model Upswing had in place. Upon finding out, Polk saw himself forced to evict Habegger. And this is when trouble started.

Habegger Takes to Social Media

Habegger immediately took to social media, venting in the consoling anonymous nether of the Internet and hoping to meet the understanding and sympathy he had come there for. However, it was his former business partner and boss Polk who responded to his call.

Polk described Habegger’s accusations that he had been unjustly removed from his position as preposterous given the facts. And the facts, according to Polk, were that Habegger had been piggybacking Upswing to try and channel users to his own website. The organization posted an official note on Habegger’s leave, too.

While Habegger did not outright deny the accusations, he kept plowing in another vein, arguing that Polk would not pay him $100,000 he owned him. The tit-for-tat exchange continued until such a time that Habegger said that he wants to fight Polk in a boxing match.

The rules of the challenged would feature a $50,000 prize pool which Habegger would then distribute (assuming he won) to future entrants into the Colossus event at the next year’s World Series of Poker Event.

Business is Business and That’s It

Polk, however, has been the more cool-headed one, using arguments for the most part to fight back Habegger’s merciless assault on the credibility of Upswing and of course Polk’s own good name. That’s why Polk ahs officially turned down the challenge as he didn’t see what good may come out of it.
In truthfulness, winning or losing a possible fight would not prove he’s right. And he’s convinced to have fired Habegger under the right circumstances and for the right reasons.

Even more so, Polk has taken a few interviews to detail the type of contract Fernando Habegger has had with Upswing, explaining that flaunting or compromising the integrity or intellectual property of the organization would result into a removal of the guilty party.

In other words, Polk has been more than patient and civil with Habegger. The question remains, however, if Habegger really is at fault. The facts would suggest that he had knowingly diverted players from one of the websites only so that they may play at the other. And if that’s true, than Habegger has been wrong to do so and expect different results.

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