Update on Overwatch Korean Cheating

Overwatch League is extremely popular, but recently the team was found to have a cheating issue. An investigation was necessary to uncover the full extent of the problem, and that investigation has an update. The cheating scandal has led to 13 people arrested, which happened in January. There were also five bookmakers who were responsible for providing live odds but on pre-recorded events in South America.

Overwatch is an extremely popular game in eSports. As the eSports industry increases in popularity and makes close to a billion per year, there are eyes on how the games progress and the legitimacy behind the wins. Professionals are also competing for six to seven figure winnings, so when there is a scandal like cheating during a game, it makes people take note. The thirteen people arrested were allegedly guilty of hacking the game and match-fixing.

These people were arrested in South Korea. In June 2017, officials thought there might be something coming with regards to cheating because of the popularity of the game. They amended the Game Industry Promotion Law and Information and Communication Technology Protection Law to ensure there would be stiff penalties in place for anyone who might decide to mess with eSports games. The changes include four years of jail and a top fine of $18,000.

The Hacker’s Sentence

The hack creator received two years probation in South Korea for using a hack and cheating during the game. The hackers arrested for the issue will also be charged a $10,000 fine. The issue was with a third-party software, which allowed players to get an advantage during the game. One teenager and another 24 years old were arrested, and they will face the $10k penalty.

The Seoul National Police Agency Cyber Security Department is working with Blizzard to get the game corrected since the hack. Blizzard ended 22,000 accounts within the first two months of 2018 due to the issue. There are also 11 more cases to be decided against the individuals arrested in January.

Blizzard and the National Cyber Security team are working together to target PC Bangs. This is when cafes are full of people playing video games and drinking boba. The cafes are set to cheat by starting several Overwatch accounts. By having multiple accounts, it is harder for the people to be caught. Authorities are working hard to enforce rules. One change has also been the use of Korean social security numbers to access accounts and ensuring the foreign users have an Overwatch license to start an account.

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