United Ayr Has Gone Crypto

The Scottish Championship has just gone crypto. It doesn’t mean obscure, though. It simply signifies that Ayr United, a Scottish football squad, has decided to sign a partnership with CoinGeek.com and promote Bitcoin Cash.

In a rather interesting turn of events, CoinGeek, Bitcoin Cash, and Scottish C Ayr United have found themselves together. In April the coin media outlet has signed up with the football club in order to promote cryptocurrencies of all sorts. With CoinGeek now determining what the shirts of footballers would say, it’s not difficult to imagine that cryptocurrencies would be a thing.

The event was important in itself as it signified two water-shed moments. It’s been the first partnership between a football club and a crypto operator. But more specifically the first move in which a publically-sponsored crypto entity is shaking hands with a football club, which arguably has more means on their hands than your average law-abiding crypto enthusiasts.

United Have the Ayr of Winners

According to the FC commercial director, Graeme Miller having accepted payment in Bitcoin Cash (BHC) is in fact quite telling about the future of the industry. Not only that, but it allows the team to conduct its own experiments with the digital gold and see if they can put it to good use. Despite the many difficulties that surround cashing out on digital currencies, Mr Miller seemed rather pleased with the successes of his team so far.

The choice of BHC is of course not a chance occurrence, too. After all Ayr United are also seeking to benefit from a slight monetary incentive. With this in mind, it’s well worth noting that BHC offers some of the most convenient and arguably cheapest transaction fees, which make it overwhelmingly easy to use by merchants and customers. The currency is also quite wide-spread as a point of fact, with its network soaring up to $15 billion, a staggering sum by all accounts.

Geeking Over the Results

Meanwhile, CoinGeek has definitely drummed up excitement for its newly-formed partnerships. Going through the news feed, we have been able to find out quite ab it about the recent history of the partnership. And their excitement was not abetted by the fact that Ayr United managed a flawless victory in the Scottish League debut.

Meanwhile, Ayr has introduced its own Bitcoin Cash shop whilst both organization’s management has been working towards whipping up excitement with occasional giveaways of crypto-branded jerseys.

A Crypto Future for Football?

The idea of branding cryptocurrencies through football is brilliant. The exposure the game gets is surely going to drive interest in the digital assets. However, it’s worth asking if the potential losses from advertising bigger brands will eventually be offset. As it is, money hinges on the fact.

Even then, none can be too sure how this partnership will pan out. As it stands, the excitement still holds sway over both parties who are reiterating their joint ambition to make Bitcoin Cash more popular. The workings of something bigger may be on the cards.

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