Unibet to Award $1,200 for 1 billionth Hand, Hosts a Tournament

  • Unibet is on the cusp of dealing its 1 billionth hand
  • Lucky player to get €1,000 or around $1,200
  • A €10,000 Billionth Hand Freeroll coming up next

Unibet is going to deal its 1 billionth hand in July, 2019, awarding €1,000 to one lucky player and hosting a €10,000 Billonth Hand Freeroll tournament.

Unibet Poker Prepares for 1 Billionth Hand Dealt

Unibet Poker has made the decisive move from a package deal to a stand-alone game in 2014, when the compny launched its independent card room, pursuing better audiences. Over five years later, the company is preparing to deal its 1 billionth hand, a milestone that does mean something.

Naysayers would argue that these numbers pale in comparison with PokerStars’ 200 billion hands, but unlike The Stars Group-owned company, Unibet is a new player in the vertical. However, there has been an exponential growth. By February, 2019 the card room had dealt 900,000 hands with the 1 billionth hand arriving in July.

Unibet Promotions to Commemorate the Event

There is quite a bit of incentive to be playing at Unibet in July. Odds may be slim, but you have a fair chance to win €1,000 if you deal the hand yourself. You don’t have to play at a high stake game either and even the low-limit €0.02/€0.04 will do. The promotion applies to all players who are participating in NL Hold’em, PL Omaha and Banzai games.

For those who have missed out on the prize, there will be a €10,000 Billionth Hand Freeroll taking place two days after the hand has been dealt. Commenting on the occasion, Unibet Poker boss Kristofer Bergvall had the following to say:

“We are very proud of what we have achieved at Unibet Poker and excited that we are about to deal the billionth hand. This is an incredible milestone in just five years, and we look forward to rewarding a huge number of players on the day, especially the player who wins the hand. We can’t predict the exact moment the hand will be dealt but it’s obviously in player interests to be playing on the site over the next few weeks!”

Unibet has been adopting the best practices in the industry, ensuring that players can enjoy a safe gaming environment. The platform has suspended all third-party programs that affect play and it has further allowed customers to be automatically seated at tables.

If a player suspects that they are being chased across tables, a simple alias change will do. A player may change their name up to three times a day, allowing for maximum security against predatory behavior on the platform.

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