UK Watchdog Unhappy with Animated Slots


May’s end marked a warning from the UK gambling commission that they were not happy with some of the online slots and advertisements that went with them. The commission felt the slots were too enticing for teenagers who are not allowed to play them, even if they are available in free play. The UK gambling commission does not want teenagers to be interested in games that would eventually lead to gambling addiction.

The UK is still up in arms over the advertisements that seem to encourage younger audiences to play games. The operator Coral is one of the target casinos that is being told their advertisements of games is appealing to children and it needs to stop.

The Advertising Standards Authority announced Tuesday June 19, 2018, that they would look into the complaints made against Coral Interactive’s promotion of slot titles that are apparently too appealing to children. The titles were brought to their attention probably by the Campaign for Fairer Gambling.

The products have been on Coral’s UK website since February 20th, with advertisements that are supposedly targeting children. The three games are Fishin’ Frenzy, Rainbow Riches, and Lucky Wizards. The games feature animated “cartoon” style concepts like leprechauns, wizards, and fish.

Coral is owned by GVC Holdings brand. They stated the animation is not excessively cartoonish and they do not represent any animated films; therefore, nothing is over the top. Coral still maintains that the images are more appealing to people who are over 18 instead of the younger generations.

The ASA does not agree. They are still stating that the games have too many qualities that appear childlike or would interest the under 18 crowd.

The funny thing is that the games are not new. They have been around for a couple of years, so the argument that they are now appealing to children might not fly.

Besides the games that are being targeted, there are other issues the UK commission and ASA are facing. They are getting tips, lies, and much more rolling in from unhappy people who are wagering online. For example, Isiris Racing Services stated it was possible to get 90% of the time wins on the wagers, but someone found that was not true at all.

32 Red Fined

Gambling firm fined two million pounds for failing to protect clients.

32Red is fined because they are considered to be encouraging problem gambling instead of trying to prevent it.


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