UK Watchdog Not Happy with Online Casinos

In March a study was released about gambling education for kids through the school system. The UK has been on a path to crackdown on online gambling that may try to target children. A few years ago, the UK created stricter gambling laws, with taxing internationally licensed gaming operators. Many left and requested the ability to access the UK, but pay better taxes in places like Malta. About the same time, several news articles showed how children were using their parent’s credit cards to access online gaming sites, and gamble a ton of money.

Now there is an issue with online gambling ads that seem to target kids, with what look like kid-friendly games but are not available to children. The UK watchdog is upset. The Advertising Standards Authority is targeting two separate betting locations that have kid-friendly ads.

The Advertising Standards Authority announced Tuesday, May 29, 2018, that two online gambling operators have games with animals, dragons, fairies, and Santa Claus that will make kids want to play. The gambling operators look as if they are targeting children, even though it is clearly an ad for gaming online.

Three of the games are also available in demo-mode, which allows kids to access the games and play without spending any money. is one of the companies that allows a demo of the game without a login or age check. The CFG complaint requests the games to be removed from access by any person, and that only person with a verified log-in can play demo games.

The ASA investigated the companies and stated that Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel based game are likely to appeal to children, and therefore M88 needs to stop promoting them and provide restricted access.

TGP Europe was another site, along with Fun88 and Letou that were targeted by the ASA. TGP stated they removed the games before the ASA investigation and that the appeal to children is “highly subjective.” The Secret Santa Slot was also targeted as something that might appeal to children, but according to TGP Secret Santa is more of
an adult concept.

UK Gambling Commission

Leo Vegas is also getting flack for not helping problem gamblers according to the UK gambling commission. The UK gambling commission says Leo Vegas has not put a stop to access regarding some clients that are showing gambling addiction. The commission states they did not take every reasonable step available to prevent problem gamblers.

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