Tyler Barriss, Man Who Made the ‘Swat Call’, Has Been Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter

Tyler Barriss made a fatal mistake on December 28th, 2017 when he made a ‘prank call’ to Swat on behalf of a friend. Barriss’s friend had been quarreling with a gamer because of a Call of Duty game that had gone bad. The gamer had dared Barriss’s friend to ‘Swat’ him and this is when the man called Barriss and asked him to do it for him. The gamer who enticed the dare, gave a wrong address so the armed Swat team ended up at innocent, Andrew Finch’s home.

The Swat team claimed that when 28-year-old Finch opened his front door, it looked as if he was reaching for a supposed weapon in his waistband. A Swat team member shot and killed him on the spot. Finch was a father to two and the incident has been for his family.

What Is ‘Swatting’ Exactly?

Swatting is, unfortunately, a frequent occurrence in the US, with about 400 incidents each ear. Swatting is when people call the police to give out false information on an ongoing case for their own personal enjoyment or agenda. It is highly popular amongst the online streaming community and you can find many Youtube videos of streamers getting ‘swatted’.

The Aftermath of the Killing

The Swat member that mistakenly killed Andrew Finch is on paid leave until the investigation is over; meanwhile, Tyler Barriss was arrested on 29th December in connection with the incident just one day after it happened. This was not Barriss’s first time being arrested. In 2015 he was arrested in connection with a bomb threat that was made to ABC’s studios.

Barriss has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, reporting false information and interference with the law. The minimum sentence for involuntary manslaughter is 2 ½ years while the maximum is 11 years in prison. The crime is considered to be a Level 5 Felony in the state of Kansas. While it is yet to be confirmed what Barriss will face, Barriss continues to claim that he wasn’t at fault for Finch’s death.

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